Emperor’s Children take 2

Another year, another Astro army. Since I did my pre-heresy Emperor’s Children army a few years ago Forgeworld has made a whole line of Horus Heresy minis, which is my nerd wet dream come true. I gave in to impulse and remade/added to my Emperor’s Children. I didn’t have enough time/wasn’t crazy enough to have the entire army to a standard …

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WIP Alpha Legion army

Astronomi-con is around the corner, and I’m scrambling to get my Alpha Legion army done in time.  There’s two months to go, and I still need to paint half of the infantry and 3 vehicles, and base everything on these resin-cast swamp bases I ordered.  It’s going to be tight deadline, but worse come to …

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Battle for Bekrin Round 10

While a few teams have been reduced to 1 or 2 tiles over the course of the campaign and almost been eliminated, each one has fought back and gained enough ground to hold on. But now, after 10 rounds, we finally have our first team pushed off of the surface Bekrin! Team Blue, an Imperial …

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