Emperor’s Children take 2

Another year, another Astro army. Since I did my pre-heresy Emperor’s Children army a few years ago Forgeworld has made a whole line of Horus Heresy minis, which is my nerd wet dream come true. I gave in to impulse and remade/added to my Emperor’s Children. I didn’t have enough time/wasn’t crazy enough to have the entire army to a standard …

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WIP Alpha Legion army

Astronomi-con is around the corner, and I’m scrambling to get my Alpha Legion army done in time.  There’s two months to go, and I still need to paint half of the infantry and 3 vehicles, and base everything on these resin-cast swamp bases I ordered.  It’s going to be tight deadline, but worse come to …

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Jon’s Forgeworld Angron

It’s been a while since I had anything to post (or a working camera), but here is a finished Angron model I did for a friend.  This mini/diorama was a blast to paint.  Forgeworld did an amazing job with Angron.  The model is packed with tons of small details, and the dynamic pose captures Angron’s …

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