Battle for Bekrin Round 10


While a few teams have been reduced to 1 or 2 tiles over the course of the campaign and almost been eliminated, each one has fought back and gained enough ground to hold on. But now, after 10 rounds, we finally have our first team pushed off of the surface Bekrin! Team Blue, an Imperial alliance of the Crimson Fists, Astral Claws and Sisters of Battle, hve lost their foothold on the planet and have been reduced to a small fleet orbiting Bekrin.

Even though they hold no tiles, Team Blue is still able to keep playing in the Campaign. They can continue playing as normal, calculating their battle bonus as normal and not counting as adjacent to any other tiles when trying to take over a new tile.

Another huge change that happened this week was the renegade Team Orange finally being pushed out of the Hive City. Collaborating with the forces of the Iron Warriors and Alpha Legion (Team Black) a coordinated Deamonic assault was launched in which the Grey Snake defenders had no chance of holding back. Team Orange still holds the most ground on Bekrin but without the advantages provided by the Hive City how long can they keep control?

After suffering the loss of their commander Captain Morrelis at the hands of the Alpha Legion his remains pulled from the battlefield and were entombed into a Dreadnought sarcophagus. Morrelis was sent down once again to cover the full on retreat of the Crimson Fist troops. With the Word Bearers close on their heels the retreat was punishing. Deploying via Drop Pod the venerable Morrelis did his best to hold off the Word Bearer horde. After slaying Dark Apostle Kol Belaric in single combat and then running down the retinue of his faithful, the Venerable Dreadnought did not last long in the open as ancient traitor meltaguns made short work of the blessed sarcophagus holding Morrelis’ remains.

Now, without a Warlord to lead their forces and the holy crusade on Bekrin all but lost, the Crimson Fists are resorting to the ultimate sanction – Exterminatus.

My lords,

The situation upon Bekrin has become untenable very rapidly. The presence of several warbands aligned with the traitor legions, xenos incursions and a significant demonic infestation has rapidly overwhelmed imperial forces deployed to contain the uprising.

I have received several reports of the alpha legion infiltrating loyalist forces to sow discord. Captain Morrelis of the Crimson Fists uncovered evidence of such disloyalty within the Blood Angels force sent to Bekrin before he was laid low in an alpha legion ambush that has left the Crimson Fists severely depleted.

Most troublingly, I have uncovered evidence that both the Sons of Cydonia and Grey Snakes chapters have gone rogue! Both chapters have attacked imperial forces openly on Bekrin and have refused all orders to submit to my authority. The traitors have currently seized the primary hive city on Bekrin and a significant amount of territory. I believe that they are attempting to establish a stronghold in the Jericho Reach to strike at the wider Imperium.

At this juncture, I must conclude that this world is beyond salvation and that the only option available is to declare Exterminatus upon this world so that we might scour the mutant, alien and heretic from existence.

By the authority of the immortal emperor of mankind, I have ordered the deployment of cyclonic torpedos immediately and have begun organizing an evacuation of loyal imperial forces.

Ariadna Zao

Team Blue has initiated Exterminatus on Bekrin! To represent the beginnings of this bombardment, campaign games played this Sunday Febuary 10th will have a special twist that will be revealed that morning. Be prepared!

As usual, here are links to the Game Log as well as the Map Tile spreadsheet.

I also manged to take quite a few pictures this week. Enjoy!

Please note that this Campaign will be complete after the 12th round. This means the final day will be Sunday Febuary 17th. Stay tuned for more information about the conclusion of the Battle for Bekrin – including prizes!