WIP Alpha Legion army

Astronomi-con is around the corner, and I’m scrambling to get my Alpha Legion army done in time.  There’s two months to go, and I still need to paint half of the infantry and 3 vehicles, and base everything on these resin-cast swamp bases I ordered.  It’s going to be tight deadline, but worse come to worse I can take my Death Guard with one or two new units.  Anyways, here’s what’s I have painted.

Chaos marines

csma_1 csma_2

csmb_1 csmb_2


havocs1 havocs2

Plasma guns (I used HH volkite weapons for counts-as because the look cooler IMO)

plasma1 plasma2

Raptors – I’ll most likely drop these guys from the list I intend to take to Astro.


Terminators – I still have to do the freehand insignias and scale patterns on 4 of these guys.

termi1 termi2

3 thoughts on “WIP Alpha Legion army”

  1. Just awesome. When I saw the first Terminators you did I wasn’t sure about the blue/green scheme (especially in comparison to your Death Guard) but seeing them together with all the power armored guys really works. Also, damn you for making the rest of us look bad. 😛

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