Emperor’s Children take 2

Another year, another Astro army. Since I did my pre-heresy Emperor’s Children army a few years ago Forgeworld has made a whole line of Horus Heresy minis, which is my nerd wet dream come true. I gave in to impulse and remade/added to my Emperor’s Children. I didn’t have enough time/wasn’t crazy enough to have the entire army to a standard that I’m happy with in time for Astro this year, so I’m just sharing pictures of the units that were the least noticeably WIP. More pictures will come if I ever get around to truly completing the army.

Since Astro doesn’t allow the HH list I ran the army as regular Space Marines using the Black Templar rules, since they match up fairly well.

Photo 2014-07-27, 1 35 46 PM

Photo 2014-07-27, 1 33 33 PM

Photo 2014-07-27, 1 34 46 PM