Skaven Globadier

Here’s a random model I painted last summer for a local Painting Competition. I didn’t actually win anything, but I learned a lot about painting brown!

Figures from my display case

This is just another repost.  A while ago I took a bunch of random models from my display case and took some pictures of them. They don’t really fit any of my armies, I just built and painted them for the hell of it!

Games Day Toronto 2009

These photos are a few years old now, but here are the pictures I took back at Games Day Toronto 2009.

I got some trolls in the mail

Well, I came home today to find two more boxes of trolls in my mailbox. I’ve been pretty active over at Barter Town lately and have managed to aquire quite a few various troll models for my new Warhammer Fantasy army. The boxes are tricking in! With the latest Warriors of Chaos army, you can …

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