World Eaters

Jon’s Forgeworld Angron

It’s been a while since I had anything to post (or a working camera), but here is a finished Angron model I did for a friend.  This mini/diorama was a blast to paint.  Forgeworld did an amazing job with Angron.  The model is packed with tons of small details, and the dynamic pose captures Angron’s …

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World Eaters – Forces of the Battle for Bekrin

Player: Joey Geary Codex: Chaos Space Marines Legion: World Eaters Background Kuljar the Bloodied Lord of Skulls, Butcher of Devex, The Hateful He has gone by many names.  Kuljar the Bloodied, Alphisis the Crimson, Blarn the Merciless, Uruka the Terror of the stars, Khiliax the Slaughter. But on the worlds he attacks, he is only …

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