Jon’s Thousand Sons from Astro Toronto 2015

After last year’s Astro, the army A.D.D. hit me pretty hard and I started bouncing ideas about what army to take for 2015 almost right away. What I eventually settled on was to redo my Thousand Sons army that I had done close to 10 years ago now. My reasoning was that I could save money by stripping and repainting a lot of the infantry minis, but I ended up getting new models because I’m weak and couldn’t bear to strip my old stuff. This is also the first time I wasn’t in a total scramble to finish painting right before Astro. Just kind of a half scramble this year. Hooray for starting early in January and time management.

Anyways enough rambling, time for pictures.

Rubic Marines

20151010_141137 20151010_141223

20151010_141401 20151010_141425

20151010_141602 20151010_141620

20151010_142115 20151010_142135

Aspiring Sorcerer

20151010_141731 20151010_141753

HQ Sorcerer with familiar

20151010_141851 20151010_141907


20151010_141925 20151010_141907b


20151010_142459 20151010_142511

20151010_142518 20151010_142538


20151010_142659 20151010_142706 20151010_142716

20151010_142725 20151010_142741 20151010_142840


20151010_142857 20151010_142908 20151010_142921

20151010_142930 20151010_142942

Rapier laser destroyers

20151017_151853 20151017_151910