Battle for Bekrin – Narrative Team Tournament 2012 Results

This Sunday had 12 players down at Meeplemart split into Chaos and Imperial forces fighting for control over the planet Bekrin. This tournament was a bit of an experiment with a focus on forging a narrative and using a non-traditional team format. If you are interested in the format check out the rules I posted.

Before we get into it, I would like to thank our gracious host Meeplemart. We would not be able to run such amazing events without the help of Steve (owner of Meeplmart). I also need to thank all the players that came out to play, you are all just as important to these events as our host!

Overall the tournament was a real success with a lot of fun had on all sides.


The final teams and scores were the following:

Team Chaos – 81pts Team Order – 41pts
  • Joey Geary (Chaos)
  • Andrew Majik (Chaos)
  • Jon Tung (Chaos)
  • Darrin Holmes (Chaos)
  • Dave Tellez (Necrons)
  • Shane Phillips (Blood Angels)
  • Matt Hird (Space Wolves)
  • Lorand Vagaszki (Blood Angels)
  • Kevin Maloney (Sisters of Battle)
  • Matt Lee (Space Marines)
  • Claudio Paola (Space Wolves)
  • Wes Whitnall (Grey Knights)

Individual breakdown of matchups and round can be found in the table below.

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
Matt H 6 Joey 6 Kevin 2 Andrew 4 Wes 0 Shane 5
Claudio 4 Andrew 4 Lorand 3 Joey 1 Matt L 0 Dave 9
Lorand 7 Shane 1 Matt H 0 Jon 9 Claudio 0 Darrin 8
Matt L 1 Jon 4 Wes 9 Dave 4 Kevin 5 Joey 0
Kevin 0 Dave 5 Matt L 5 Darrin 6 Matt H 4 Andrew 5
Wes 0 Darrin 3 Claudio 4 Shane 6 Lorand 8 Jon 1
Imperial 18 Chaos 23 Imperial 23 Chaos 30 Imperial 17 Chaos 28


Prizes were selected by the winning team from the prize table in order of individual scores.

Dave $50 Meeplemart Gift Certificate
(to be used towards a Forgeworld purchase)
Darrin Horus Heresy board game
Jon Accessory pack
(Psychic Power Cards, Munitorum Templates, T.A.C. Template)
Andrew Deathwatch RPG rulebook
Shane Black Crusade RPG rulebook
Joey Book pack (Titanicus, Fallen Angels and Mechanicum)


The once proud Cardinal World lays in ruin. As the various Chaos Warlords attempt to seize the best prizes for themselves, the alliance shatters. Each warlord occupies their own territory and jealously guards it against the others. Some would see the whole planet burned to cinders, others would claim it and rebuild in a perverted mirror image of supplication. The only thing the forces of chaos can agree upon is that the war is not over yet and the Imperium will return, with stronger numbers and attempt to once again reclaim the holy planet of Bekrin. Can they put aside their rivalry and unit in defense of their captured world, or will they succumb to the lust for power and glory and turn on each other?

As this tournament is a lead into the 40k Campaign I will be starting in a couple weeks, the Chaos victory will be affect how the Campaign start. Firstly, each player that took part in the Tournament will receive a Strategy Card. Players that were on the winning (Chaos) team will receive a second Strategy Card. Due to the destruction caused by the Chaos forces, the initial Planetary Empires map I’ll be creating for the Campaign will have less special structures to claim and a lot more ‘scorched earth’ tiles (rad zones.)


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  1. Tournament was a blast! I’m going to declare a moral victory for the forces of Order, because….umm… okay, I guess it wasn’t really even a moral victory.

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