Battle for Bekrin Campagin Announcement

For the past few months I’ve been working on a set of campaign rules with the help of a few friends. I’m pleased to announce that the rules have been completed and a PDF can be downloaded here. The campaign will be run at our awesome local gaming store Meeplemart and will be starting Sunday Nov 4th and it will run approximately 12 weeks. Sunday will be  There will be a 3-4 week break in December as Meeplemart will be closing the store for gaming to help with the Christmas rush. December 2nd will most likely be the last day for the campaign until we pick it back up again in January.

Cost to take part in the campaign is $40 per person. The registration fees will go towards event prizes, swag and campaign supplies. Players can pay me in person or use the PayPal link located at the bottom of this post. After reading the campaign rules, players will be required to fill out a Campaign Registration card. You can get one of these reg cards from me in person or you can download a PDF here.

Because this campaign is tile based (planetary empires) and we have limited tiles to use, we will be limited to the number of factions that can play. Right now we will be limited to 6 sides. As explained in the rules document players will be encouraged to team up with others to form alliances. If we have too many people sign up individually I will be creating teams myself.

I need those who want to participate to be in attendance on the first day (Nov 4th) to pick their starting location and tiles. Once each player/team has their starting tiles, games can start immediately. If you want to participate but cannot make it on the first day, please let me know and we can work something out.

I’ve created a thread in the Meeplemart Community forums for discussion and organizing games which can be found here. I encourage you to use it!

If you are interested in taking part or have any questions, please let me know.

The Story so Far

Bekrin is a Cardinal World and the religious capital of the Ecclesiarchy covering much of what was the Canis Salient in the Jericho Reach. Its population was forced to evacuate the planet to escape the approaching Tyranid Hive Fleet, and though the Hive Fleet was turned aside before they reached Bekrin, the world was never resettled.

Greyhell Front
Greyhell Front

Within the nearby Class III Warp disturbance known as “The Hadex Anomaly” the many forces of Chaos have been gathering. Although these forces were unable to unite under a single Warlord they have launched a massive attack into Jericho Reach itself. Perhaps because they are not a single unified force, the smaller warbands have slipped through the Imperial defences and are attacking the outer worlds. Several of these warbands have decided that Bekrin is ripe for the taking. What better world to give them a foothold in this sector than an uninhabited former Shrine World?

Jericho Reach

Local Deathwatch intel has allowed the Imperium to start scrambling a defence. The distress call for all available forces to respond to the Chaos threat on Bekrin has been sent. Hopefully that will be enough to repel the invasion and return the Chaos Horde back into the Hadex Anomaly.

Planetfall Aftermath

(based on the results of the Narrative Team Tournament)

The once proud Cardinal World lays in ruin. As the various Chaos Warlords attempt to seize the best prizes for themselves, the alliance shatters. Each warlord occupies their own territory and jealously guards it against the others. Some would see the whole planet burned to cinders, others would claim it and rebuild in a perverted mirror image of supplication. The only thing the forces of chaos can agree upon is that the war is not over yet and the Imperium will return, with stronger numbers and attempt to once again reclaim the holy planet of Bekrin. Can they put aside their rivalry and unit in defense of their captured world, or will they succumb to the lust for power and glory and turn on each other?