Prize support for this weekend’s Meeplemart Tournament!

I’m pleased to announce that I have worked out the prizes that 14 players will be playing for at this weekend’s 40k Narrative Team Tournament! Thanks to our gracious hosts at Meeplemart I am able to use 100% of the tournament entry fees for our prizes. I cannot thank Steve enough for the amazing space he provides us at Meeplemart to play 40k. Make sure you thank him when you are there this Sunday!

Each of the 7 players on winning team at this weekend’s tournament will be able to pick a prize from the following list:

  1. Horus Heresy board game
  2. Deathwatch RPG rulebook
  3. Black Crusade RPG rulebook
  4. Black Library signed print
  5. $50 Meeplemart Gift Certificate (to be used towards a Forgeworld purchase)
  6. Book pack (Titanicus, Fallen Angels and Mechanicum)
  7. Accessory pack (Psychic Power Cards, Munitorum Templates, T.A.C. Template)

That’s quite the list of prizes!

Prizes will be awarded to each person on the winning side of the tournament as determined by the final overall team score. Order of player prize selection on the winning team will be determined by the individual players scores in descending order.

This Sunday is going to be a lot of fun! Registration begins at 9:30 and game 1 starts at 10:00am sharp. Make sure you are there early to pick a team leader and discuss strategy with your teammates!

Don’t forget: please submit your army lists to me before Sunday.