Jon’s workbench update

It’s been a while since I posted anything, so I thought I’d put some pictures up of some things I’ve done/am working on since then.  I was a bit burned out on painting after the marathon that was preparing my army for Astronomi-con, but 6th edition’s release has given me some fresh motivation to so some minis done.

This is a new mini I converted to use as my chaos lord in my Death Guard army for Astronomi-con.  I made this guy after the mini-astro tourney Mike organized and I haven’t had the opportunity to take photos of it until now.  This is actually my first ‘major’ conversion, in that it involved something more than simple repositioning of arms or kitbashing and I think it turned out OK, though there are some things I could have done better (the flat area on the front of the raised leg for example).  The base mini is the Minotaurs chapter master character from forgeworld, and I was going for was something  that looked close to Mortarion’s Deathshroud.  I didn’t quite pull it off but close enough.


I’ve also painted up some assorted World Eaters minis for a friend.  I did three rhinos and a land raider for him, but unfortunately I didn’t have access to a non-crappy camera before I handed them over.  I might try to take some pictures of them on the gaming table sometime later.  I’m also painting a Lord Zhufor mini and possibly some terminators for him.  Here’s Zhufor in his close-to-finished glory.


With the 6th edition chaos marine codex rumoured to be the codex coming out next, I’ve been thinking about the Alpha Legion as my next army project.  I’m not going to pull the trigger on this until the actual book is out, but I did a test Alpha Legionnaire to try out painting the colour scheme.  I’m happy with how it came out and it was easier to paint than the white I did for my Death Guard, so things look good on the hobby from for the Alpharius’ boys.  All that remains is to wait until Sept/Oct/Nov to see if I can make the type of army list I have in my head.


On the games that aren’t 40k front, I finished painting the Leader, Pathfinder, Forward Observer, Sniper and Demo for my Kezai Waza team earlier during the spring.  These guys were the first minis where I tried my hand at object source lighting effects.  It turned out OK, and I’ve learned that blue glow on dark surfaces is easy to do while it’s fiddly as hell on an orange surface.  The Demo’s base isn’t done, but I’m being on a huge 40k kick right now and haven’t played MERCS in months, so I’m not too motivated to finish it.  I’d also like to share that I’m a doofus as I broke and chipped the hell out of the Forward Observer by dropping it on the floor while moving it around to take a picture.


I also finished painting the Incinerator and Demo for my CCC team.  Now just the sniper remains in a blister pack on my shelf, who knows low long he’ll stay there in limbo?