Modifying my Salamanders army list for this year’s Astronomi-con

I made the decision a few weeks ago that there was no way I was getting my Dark Eldar done for Astronomi-con this year and I was just going to bring my Salamanders again instead. Considering I finished 3rd overall last year, I didn’t want to change my army too much so I just need to tweak things.

This is the 1500pt list I took last year. After thinking about it, the only thing in that list I could see myself dropping was the scouts.

As much as people hate on sniper scouts, this squad has done some nice things for me. Not to mention they work as a great 3rd scoring unit. Since I know the types of missions Astro usually has, I know that most of them don’t require ‘scoring’ units as a lot of objectives can be carried around or held with non-scoring unit. Not to mention I can’t really see myself dropping the Sternguard, Dreadnaughts, Vindicator or Tactical squads.

Dropping the Scout squad gives me 190 points to work with and I came up with a couple ideas.

First idea was that I have 2 Thunderfire Cannons sitting in my closet and I’ve always wanted to use them. Two of them is only 200 points and I can easily drop one Razorback’s extra armour to make that fit. But I have two issues with this; one is that many missions require maneuverability and models with ‘hands’ to carry objectives, the other is that it’s not my style to to bring a 1hq, 2 troop, 3 elite and 3 heavy list to a tournament. I’ll save this for a one off game with a friend.

Thinking about it more, an Assault squad solves the issues of mobility and replacing my lost ‘hands’ for objectives. 199 points gets me a 7 man squad with a flamer and a Powerfist. Here’s that list. Not bad!

After digging out some old models* from my “Battle of Armageddon” Codex era Salmanders army I played with the list a couple times. I haven’t been happy with their performance in the two games I played, but they didn’t really get a chance to do much in either game.


Even with the underwhelming performance so far I think I am going with the Assault Marines and I ordered some MkII Assault Marines from Forge World. Next up is planning how I should make the Thunderhammer Sargent.

* I should point out that these are the only jump pack models I have ever owned and I had exactly 7 dudes with one flamer and one thunderhammer. Crazy!

3 thoughts on “Modifying my Salamanders army list for this year’s Astronomi-con”

  1. Thought about adding an aircraft? 
    While I don’t have a Space Marine army, I would love to field this thing bog-standard with no additional toys for a cheap infantry muncher.  Perhaps the typhoon  launcher for some options, but it’s abit pricey IMO.

    1. Yeah, the Stormtalon is pretty sweet! I thought about it, but it probably won’t be out in time for me to get done before June 24th.

      That might have to be a later addition…

      1. It drops the 2nd on June.  So that’s 22 days to do it.  Might be do able, if you’ve got nothing else in the army that needs too much love.
        I’m debating taking my existing Defiler (in pieces) and rebuilding it as a plague hulk conversion for my Chaos forces.

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