Jon’s Finished Death Guard Army

I pretty much finished painting the Death Guard army I’m planning to take to Astronomi-con this year for the mini-con at Meeplemart last week, so I figured I might as well post some pictures up to share with all y’all.  I started planning this army after Astro last year, so it took a few months less than a year for me to done start to finish.  The army was pretty fun to paint overall, but a bit frustrating at times (you mess up anything on a white base and it really sticks out).  The army theme I was going for was a heresey/early post-heresy Death Guard scheme, where everything still was in the pre-heresy Death Guard colours but in a state of disrepair and decay.  I tried a lot of new techniques for this in terms of painting: it was the first time I’ve painted anything with a white/off-white as the main colour, the first time I’ve tried to do a worn and peeling paint effect, weathering using oil paints and rust using pigments.  All in all, I’m happy with how everything turned out but there are some things that I think I noobed up on, but that’s all part of the process of learning new techniques.  The true test will be to see whether I can win more than one game at Astro this year.  Preliminary results are not encouraging, mainly due to a tendency I have to man-mode charge up the middle regardless of situation.

Army shot with display board at mini-con:

Jon's Death Guard Jon's Death Guard Jon's Death Guard Jon's Death Guard Jon's Death Guard Jon's Death Guard

Plague Marines: I used the Forgeworld Death Guard models with chaos and loyalist bits.  The shields are boarding shields from forgeworld and are just for show.

marines1_f marines1_b

marines2_f marines2_b

marines3_f marines3_b

marines4_f marines4_b

marines5_f marines5_b

Rhinos: These are the forgeworld remakes of the old school rhino.

rhino1_a rhino1_b rhino1_c

rhino2_a rhino2_b rhino2_c

rhino3_a rhino3_b rhino3_c


vindi1_a vindi1_b vindi1_c

vindi2_a vindi2_b vindi2_c

Terminators: Again the Death Guard conversion kit from forgeworld.  I had to do several subtle conversions and painting tricks with the plastic termi bits to make them mesh visually with the torsos.

termin_f termin_b

Chaos Lord: My background is that he is the other traveller of nurgle, wandering the stars in search of the best deals and bargains.  As such his armour and daemon weapon are from flea markets, which results in failed 2+ saves and accidents where his weapon slips and hits himself in the face.

typhus_1 typhus_2 typhus_3


6 thoughts on “Jon’s Finished Death Guard Army”

  1. Well painted army, shitty basing job, honestly man your jenky fix to forgetting to base the models is extremely apparent. some of your terminators still have the superglue residue showing on their base -.- 

    im glad you at least tried to cover it up but it is apparent that you follow the reddit basing style (90% of the models posted there have no basing done to them at all, and only realize it once someone points it out.) you should not be offended, your paint job is nice, just don’t bullshit yourself when it is more than apparent that you fucked up on basing your models before you primed them.

    1. I don’t follow you.

      You say he has a ‘shitty basing job’ and yet he hand painted industrial flooring onto each base (admittedly it seems like he missed one terminator base)

      You also seem to think he ‘fucked up’ by not basing his models before priming them? Every model I’ve ever painted has had it’s base done after I was done painting the model. Until the model is finished I don’t touch the base, how is this fucking up?

      Sorry, I just don’t follow your logic and reasons behind your criticism. Maybe if you explained yourself better and didn’t jump to conclusions I would understand your comment more.

      Then again, maybe you are just joking?

    2. Actually, if you look closely, most of the bases appear to either be casts or palsticard constructs in 3-D with raised paneling and such to coincide the paint job.

  2. Good eye, I’m glad that you caught this.  The two terminators at the ends, one of which has the offending superglue, are just on plain bases since I didn’t actually use them in the army for the tournament (you’ll notice they’re not in the full army shot).  I was finishing things up literally the night before, so I didn’t do the bases for these guys and I’ve felt burned out from painting afterwards.

    To be honest making bases is an aspect that I don’t really enjoy, so when I first started planning the army I had ordered third party 25mm resin cast bases with an industrial flooring pattern rather than make my own.  When it came down to crunch time to get everything done for the tournament, I realized I was retarded and was missing matching 40mm bases for the terminators.  I pretty much did a relatively quick job with the bases for the 3 terminators in the middle (which I actually used) by painting on an industrial floor pattern that would match the 25mm bases.  I think these turned out OK, but I’m sorry if you think they look like shit.  

    It may not be apparent in the pictures but I did spend a significant amount of time painting all the bases as there are A LOT of parallel planks and tile edges that all have multiple hilight layers, freehanded hazard stripes and numbers.

  3. It’s stuff like this that makes me wonder why I put all the effort I do into painting.  I couldn’t put out this kind of quality if I tried.  You have wonderful skill and produce amazing results.

    Composition-wise I’ve never been a fan of the 5 man squad approach to Chaos, nor am I a fan of Chaos Terminators.  Nurgel’s sacred number is 7.  Nurgel squads (IMO) should be 7 (or multiples there of) where ever possible.  Does this cost me games?  Yes.  Probably.  But I find that more then just a minimum squad can hold it’s own a little better if it loses it’s ride, or decides it needs to Man-Charge up the middle as you put it.
    I would be worried about your Terminators.  With them deep striking, you risk them standing around and getting blown apart and putting your lord with them robs him of fearless.  I have watched awesome terminator units run of the board because of how poorly they are built in the codex.

    Overall they look really great so good on ya and I look forward to voting for you for best painted this year.  heh.

    1. Thanks man. I do run the plague marines in squads of seven, well only one squad of five but that’s just because I couldn’t find the points in for the extra two guys.  They’re just in groups of five for the pictures because the camera shot was too far away when I lined seven guys up side by side.

      I purposely made this army with more of a mind towards theme and modelling rather than really optimizing for the tabletop.  I know there’s a lot of stuff that people on the internet will go ‘wtf’ when they see it. For example, I only have one model that can shoot over 24 inches in the whole army and even then it usually starts in reserve, I took vindicators over obliterators, I took a chaos lord instead of a demon prince, terminators are pretty garbage outside of 3 man suicide combimelta squads.

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