First finished Death Guard squad

It’s took longer than I would have liked, but I finally finished up a pack of plague marines for the Death Guard army I’m building for Astro next year. At least my list small enough that these nine guys are already close to 1/3 of the total infantry.


The look I’m aiming  for with these guys is a heresy/early post-heresy look by using the pre-heresy Death Guard colours, but with lots of areas where the armour has rusted and the paint flaked off.   I’m also not a big fan of the blobbed on green stuff mutations that seems to be pretty common in other Death Guard armies that I’ve seen, and the heresy-era theme gives me an excuse for making my dudes appear a bit more normal.

I experimented with a few different techniques for doing the rusted areas for these guys.  For the first five bolter marines I used a piece of foam to to dab on the damaged areas but I felt that this wasn’t very good for making larger areas that were randomly shaped, since the piece of foam is essentially a stamp.


I tried technique that uses hairspray to actually flake and scrape off the paint for the last four marines.  This method is more involved and time consuming, but I like the end results a lot more as the rusted areas look a lot more natural and random.


4 thoughts on “First finished Death Guard squad”

  1. these look fantastic jon.  love the boarding shields – rust does look better on second batch

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