40k League – Season 3 Signups!

It’s that time of year again where our gaming group needs to spice things up and start up another 40k League!

We’ve been playing a lot of non-warhammer games at an awesome local gaming store called MeepleMart. We’ve been thinking of switching gears back over to 40k and the owner of MeepleMart (Steve) overheard us talking about this and suggested we run our 40k League there in the store. Not only has Steve suggested we use his awesome tables and terrain for our games, but he also mentioned he wouldn’t mind offering some prize support!

Instead of just keeping this league within our fairly small gaming group we are going to be opening up for anyone to sign up. I’m hoping that we can get around 8-12 people playing this year We will be using the same structure and rules that we used last year so head on over to the 40k League page for more info. The only real change we will be implementing this year is a small sign up fee. We’re only asking for $20 per player and this money will be used to pay for prizes purchased from Meeple Mart.

To give a quick overview of the League structure, we’re running Round Robin Challenge league. There is no set schedule but it is up to you to play every other person in the league once before the deadline. The first day you can play your games will be Sunday Novemeber 20th and the deadline will be sometime in Febuary or March (depending on how many people signup.) You will need to contact your opponent to set a time and place to meet and play. You can play your games anytime and anywhere (we strongly suggest you play at Meeplemart!) as long as you email me with the results of your game. Scoring is as follows: Win – 3, Draw – 2, Loss – 1. Remember, playing a game and losing is better than not playing at all!

Make sure you head over to the 40k League page for the complete League Rules.

If you are interested in participating send me an email with the following info: your name, email address, and what army you want to play. Army lists will have to be submitted before Novemeber 20th.

Finally, if you want to see the results of last season’s League, check out this link.