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I’m finally done painting my Nurgle Rotter Bloodbowl team. I first bought these guys at least 9 years ago. I quickly painted them up back then and used them for a long time. Then, a couple years back, I had the urge to strip and repaint them all which I did… but only to about 75% completion. Now that I’m going to Blingtoof’s Bloodbowl tournament this weekend for some reason, it was time to finish them up and show them off.


If you’re wondering about the goblins, Blingtoof’s tournament allows any team to hire goblins on their team. If you take at least 3, you get some special rules. My favorite is trying to sneak an extra goblin player on the field, which I plan to attempt as much as possible.

img_0230    img_0232

I’m really happy with the Beast of Nurgle. I was using an old Fenbeast to represent my Beast in the previous incarnation of this team (that’s how long ago it was.) But with that new plastic kit I couldn’t resist making my own.

img_0238   img_0234
img_0236   img_0228

We’re allowed 1,140,000 credits to buy our team and we can take as many goblins as we like for 40,000. I’m taking 12 players and a package that allows me 5 skills:

  • Gorax, Beast of Nurgle
  • Tubola, Warrior w/Block
  • Bubonick, Warrior w/Claw
  • Kerbulosis, Warrior
  • Tubola, Warrior
  • DeathTremble, Pestigor w/Frenzy
  • Pukespittle, Prestigor w/Tackle
  • Gorescum, Pestigor
  • Puko, Rotter
  • Slick, Goblin w/Fan Favourite
  • Warty, Goblin
  • da’Knuckleheads, Goblin

My Bloodbowl skills are medicore at best, so I don’t really expect to win much. But I do plan to learn a lot about the game of Bloodbowl and have a great time playing. Wish me luck!

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