Sons of Cydonia – Forces of the Battle for Bekrin

Player: Matt Hird
Codex: Space Marines
Chapter: Sons of Cydonia

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This planet cannot be saved.

Certainly the forces of Chaos can be repelled, and Bekrin would remain intact and under Imperial rule, but the doom of this planet will come not from without, but from within.

This shrine world is a monument to weakness. They worship an Emperor who, with infinite technology at his disposal, chose to put his faith in gene-seeds and biological perfection. He put his faith in flesh, and this is why he fell.

Our fathers on Mars knew this when they created us. The ‘perfected’ biological form of the Astartes is only the starting point, not the final product. It provides a sturdy frame that can accept modifications that lesser bodies would reject. Not only that, but the purity of the machine resists the taint of the warp in ways our Astartes brethren cannot.  If only our brothers in the Steel Confessors could still be with us. To join us in perfection.

Their sacrifice was noble. To be offered up to the Inquisition and the Lords of Terra so that the true work could continue. They will only ever be able to share in our victories at arm’s length, lest the prying eyes of the Inquisition fall upon Mars once again.

The factories and supplies of Bekrin must be preserved, of course. Too much has been invested here to abandon it, but once this campaign is over, we will need to find an alternate location to continue our work. Even the recruited human soldiers and hab-workers of this planet seem to get weaker by the day, unable to keep up with the demands of our manufactorums. They shall serve us one last time – as fodder for the enemy guns – before their service shall end.

The assistance of Russ’ dogs was unexpected. They insist on repaying some perceived debt to us for “coming to their aid”. We had been attempting to recover valuable data stores from the area before it was overrun by the forces of the archenemy, and seeing the battle that was raging over the structures we needed to access, it seemed prudent to add our guns to the fight in order to expedite the process so that we could continue our work. The fact that this action allowed them to recover their wounded comrades and withdraw was not known to us until later.

Were it any other chapter, I would insist that we continue without their involvement, however, the Sons of Russ have about as much love for the Inquisition as we do, and I am confident that even if they were to realize our true origins, they could be trusted not to betray our secret.

Let the enemy come, with their warp-majicks and twisted abominations. They will find us ready.

Supreme Warlord

Forgemaster F19-02-001 Grp WS BS S T Wo I A Ld Save Cost
Master of the Forge HQ 4 5 4/5 4 2 4 2 10 2+ 130
Warlord Trait: Tenacity

Plasma Pistol
Power Axe
Artificer Armor
Assault Grenades
Krak Grenades

Special Rules
And They Shall Know No Fear
Blessing of the Omnissiah
Ind. Character
Combat Tactics
Bolster Defences
Lord of the Armoury

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  1. Grey Snakes could definitely use a in for some supplies and repairs, I approve of this ally… Curious if they even care of the Inquisition and loyalist chapters view of me 😛

    1. Pretty sure the Sons of Cydonia could care less that the Inquisition is after the Grey Snakes, that’s why they make such a good ally for you!

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