World Eaters – Forces of the Battle for Bekrin

Player: Joey Geary
Codex: Chaos Space Marines
Legion: World Eaters


Kuljar the Bloodied
Lord of Skulls, Butcher of Devex, The Hateful

He has gone by many names.  Kuljar the Bloodied, Alphisis the Crimson, Blarn the Merciless, Uruka the Terror of the stars, Khiliax the Slaughter.
But on the worlds he attacks, he is only known as death.

The former Brother-Chaplain of the Golden Sabres chapter, Lorgas saw his his fervor and zeal become corrupted into bloodlust and an uncontrollable desire to kill during the Davex IV uprising.  Deployed along with the fourth company of the Golden Sabres to quell the uprising and extract the Imperial Governor from the central Arbites Precinct Fortress, Lorgas and his squads came pinned when the entire city descended upon them.

Nearly 16 million former Imperial Citizens, most armed with nothing more than crude clubs and dock working tools, surrounded and breached the Fortress gates.  The Arbites forces fought hard but were quickly overrun by the sheer number of attackers.  Lorgas urged his men to fight or die bravely in the name of the Emperor.  Fighting for 37 days and nights, Lorgas stood at the breach and slew wave after wave of the cultists.

Lorgas become more enlivened with each kill, slaying faster and harder with each stroke of his Crozius.  At the end of the 38th day when no more attackers sallied forth to attack the walls of the Precinct, Lorgas urged his men to continue the fight and move from the Capital to the outlying farm lands.  When some of his men objected and attempted to stop him, he struck them all down in turn.  The marines attacked each other, decades of restraint and discipline falling away like a crumbling wall.

As he watched the light fade from the last battle brothers eyes, Lorgas stood, awash with the blood of his brothers.  He renounced his former life and set out to sow more death and murder in the name of his new master, Khorne.  Taking the name Kuljar the Bloodied, he gathered the Marines loyal to him set out to bring death to more worlds

Traveling from Darex, Kuljar’s strike cruiser was set upon by a fleet of World Eaters.  His men fought the boarders, but were quickly overwhelmed and subdued.  He was taken before the warband’s berzerker champion, who had demanded the honour of personally slaying the enemy commander.  It was then that Kuljar broke his bonds and tore the throat out the of berzerker champion.  Stating that any who oppose him will share the same fate, but offering those that would join him the chance to bring death to a thousand worlds, Kuljar took control of the World Eater Fleet.

Traveling throughout the Eye of Terror Kuljar gathered warband after warband, slaying their champions and adding their strength to his ranks.  Using the psycho surgery of the World Eaters to create an army of bloodthirsty killers.  On the Daemon World of Norniscan, he bested the Khorne Herald Bratharg the World Render and took the Axe saevio ira odium , a powerful daemon weapon that burns with a rage of it own so hot, the blade glows with a blinding light.

The defeat of one of his heralds brought Kuljar to the attention of Khorne himself, he gifted him with a amulet capable of turning aside even the most powerful of blows.  Casting off his Rosarius and grinding it underneath his boot, Kuljar was set by Khorne on a path to further dark glories.

The World Eater Army under his control has laid waste to countless Imperial Worlds, destroyed entire fleets set to oppose him and routed armies set to end his reign of butchery.

Supreme Warlord

Kuljar the Bloodied Grp WS BS S T Wo I A Ld Save Cost
Chaos Lord HQ 5/6 5 4 4 3 5 3 10 3+/4(i) 135
Warlord Trait: Hatred Incarnate

Axe of Blinding Fury
Bolt Pistol
Power Armour
Frag Grenades
Krak Grenades
Mark of Khorne
Sigil of Corruption

Special Rules
Champion of Chaos
Independent Character