Kabal of the Seventh Paradox – Forces of the Battle for Bekrin

Player: Christian Stewart
Codex: Dark Eldar
Army: Kabal of the Seventh Paradox


My Dear Brother,
I have transmitted this message to you personally in order to present you with a great opportunity. One I see servicing the mutual benefit of both our Kabals. Since our non-aggression treaty is still intact for another century I’m extending this to you; the first and foremost among my allies. It has been far too long since we swam in the blood of the conquered together.

As you may have heard, I have recently acquired an ancient map that plots out several routs through the webway believed lost for eons. Do not ask me how I came about such an antiquity, for you know my answer would just be a lie. Would you expect anything less from your older brother? I dispatched several scouting parties and they have returned with news of a mon-keigh planet ripe for the plucking. Recent events there have seen the servants of our Great Enemy seize this world from the pathetic corpse worshipers. The planet lies in ruin, but there is opportunity here little brother. The corpse worshipers, as we speak are mounting a return to this planet; soon the conflagration of war will once again ignite and we shall feast upon the pain and suffering while these lesser being fight over insignificant spoils!

I have procured the services of the Cult of the Kissing Razor; the Succubus Aya’na has promised me access to some of her best. In exchange she asks for an outrageous levy of slaves, however I see no reason to not agree to her terms, for now.

The Cabal of the Twelve has also seen fit to assist us. Their list of demands is little more esoteric than the Wych’s but their assistance is essential, and unlike the wych cults, I have learned it is best to never cross a Haemonculi. Regardless, I welcome their assistance and the vitality they will provide for what I see as a protracted and profitable campaign.

Outcasts I have paid handsomely for information have also informed me that others are being drawn into the conflict. Our craftworld dwelling cousins, ancient Necrontyr and a greenskin horde are all converging upon this insignificant ball of dirt.

Gather your forces brother! We shall take our due and leave the rest to wallow in our wake of torment and death.

Archon Kys’trum
Lord of the Splintered Spires
Master of the Kabal of the Seventh Paradox

Supreme Warlord

Archon Kys’trum Grp WS BS S T Wo I A Ld Save Cost
Archon HQ 7 7 3 3 3 7 4 10 4+/6+ 170
Warlord Trait: Night Attacker

Ghostplate armour
Splinter pistol
Plasma grenades
Combat drugs
Clone field
Phantasm grenade launcher

Special Rules
Night Vision
Power from Pain
Independent Character