Battle for Bekrin Round 5

We are almost at the half way point! The surface of Bekrin has changed dramatically from when we first begun. Here’s what it looks like after 5 rounds:


In the opening days of the war, the Imperial forces of Team Blue seemed to be in control of a large part of Bekrin. That was short lived however as increasing pressure from Chaos and Xenos forces had them falling back and giving up hard earned ground dropping down to only 3 scattered tiles. It seems that Team Blue has now started to rally and push back, playing 5 games total this week and regaining control over 3 more tiles. The Astral Claws even successfully convinced the Crimson Fists to send an invasion force to attempt at taking the Hive Tile, but despite the attempt Team Orange and the Sons of Cydonia managed to hold them off.

The highlight of this Team Blue counter attack was belongs to Captain Matteo Morrelis of the Crimson Fists. Knowing all was a lost in a battle against a Daemonic incursion, Captain Morrelis ordered his troops to fire into the sky causing a flying Lord of Change to crash to the ground. Anticipating this move Captain Morrelis ordered his retinue of bikes to charge and finished off the giant daemonic bird creature by running it over. The Daemonic forces of Team Red were still victorious but the Crimson Fists will have a new war tale to inspire troops to fight on.

The Imperials of Team White and the Chaos forces of Team Black seem to be forming a bit of a grudge against eachother with yet another game taking place between these two teams this week. The Death Guard and Imperial Guard clashed to determine who would hold the South Eastern starport. In this battle of attrition the Imperial Guard just barely squeaked out a win and send the Death Guard reeling. It seems Grandfather Nurgle was displeased with the performance of his Champion and has punished Lord Singh to live out the rest of his days as a dreaded Chaos Spawn. This just might be the last time we see Lord Singh as anything more than a mindless brute.

Those devious Dark Eldar have once again won several battles. But it seems the Dark Eldar are more interested in raiding and killing than actually holding any ground. For the 3rd time in 5 rounds Dave rolled double 1’s for a conquest check and took his ball and went home.

For a full list of games played this round, click here.

For a full list of tiles owned by each team, click here.

REMINDER: Next week is our Black Ops Event. There will be no ‘regular’ 40k campaign games on Sunday. If you want to get any campaign games in you will have to play earlier in the week!

Enjoy this small batch of photos I took during gaming on Sunday. Unfortunately most of them didn’t turn out that great, I have to be a little more steady when taking photos next time!