Battle for Bekrin – Black Ops Results

As the Battle for Bekrin rages on, the forces involved have started to send small kill teams out to perform Black Ops missions. Out of the 20 players involved in the campaign 14 of them met on Sunday at Meeplemart to play out these missions and enjoyed three small scale games of 40k.

This event was not a tournament, instead the winners of each round were given a special Strategy card to be used in upcoming Campaign games. Each Mission had the same Strategy card award, except for Round 3 which had a different reward depending on which table you played on.

I posted full information about the event, the restrictions, and the missions in a previous post. But to summarize, these were the restrictions in army creation;

  • Players build an army of 400 points.
  • There is no FoC restrictions other than your army must contain a HQ that cannot be your Supreme Warlord or a Special Character. This character is automatically your warlord for this event, however, they do not get to roll on the warlord Trait tables.
  • The force may contain a single unit from one of your selected campaign allies if you wish. But must contain at least one non-character unit from your primary codex.
  • No Vehicles (anything with an Armour Value), no Fortifications, no Artillery and no Monstrous Creatures (of any kind) may be taken.

Missions were played on 3×4 or 4×4 tables and victory vonditions varied between holding objectives and kill enemy units depending on the round.

The Armies

Here are what each of the 14 players brought to the event;

Mike – Sorcerer, Havocs w/melta, Thousand Sons
Andrew – Sorcerer, Noise Marines, Allied Flamers
Matt H – Captain, Sternguard, Allied Longfangs w/Missile Launchers
Jon – Chaos Lord, Havocs w/ Plasmaguns, Raptors
Lorand – Librarian, Sterguard, Allied Grey Knights
Joey – Chaos Lord, Berzerkers
Shane – Librarian, Sang Priest, Sternguard, Death Company
Darrin – Chaos Lord, Chaos Marines, Raptors, Obliterator
Tyler – Librarian, Sterguard, Tactical Squad
Matt L – Librarian, Tactical Squad x2
Neil – Imperial Guard Platoon, Allied Tau Battlesuits
Dave T – Haemonculus, Kabalite Warriors, Reaver Jetbikes
Kevin M – Priest, Henchmen, Allied Guard
Dave L – Tzeentch Herald, Flamers x2

The Results

Mission 1 – Recon

Tasked with discovering the strengths and composition of the forces at your enemy’s disposal. Your Black Ops team penetrated deep into hostile territory and completed their objective. However, as they make their way back to debrief they come across an enemy force attempting to do the same thing. The two teams engage in a quick skirmish, knowing that only the victor will return to home base in time to deliver the valuable intelligence.

Opponent Result
Jon Lorand win
Darrin David L. loss
Lorand Jon loss
Andrew Tyler win
Matt L. Joey loss
David L. Darrin win
Tyler Andrew loss
Shane Neil loss
Neil Shane win
Dave T. Kevin M. win
Kevin M. Dave T. loss
Matt H. Mike loss
Mike Matt H. win
Joey Matt L. win

Mission 2 – Assassinate

Now that you have discovered the existence of the other black ops teams out there. It’s time to cut off the head. Your lieutenant and his team have worked their way carefully into a position to strike, however, they didn’t realize the enemy has the same plan!

Opponent Result
Jon Dave T. win
Darrin Matt H. win
Lorand Mike loss
Andrew Joey win
Matt L. Shane loss
David L. Neil win
Tyler Kevin M. loss
Shane Matt L. win
Neil David L. loss
Dave T. Jon loss
Kevin M. Tyler win
Matt H. Darrin loss
Mike Lorand win
Joey Andrew loss

Mission 3 – Sabotage/Pathfinder

Sabotage: Discovering that the enemy has obtained an asset in close proximity to one of your own has forced your team’s to spring into action. It is vital that you destroy the enemy’s asset before they destroy yours. But rigging the explosives will take time and you must secure the area in order to do so.

Pathfinder: Recon patrols have uncovered information of possible resources located within one of your territories. Your Black Ops team has been dispatched to discover this potential asset. However, you come across an enemy force seemingly attempting to accomplish the same thing.

Opponent Result
Jon Mike loss
Darrin Shane win
Lorand Dave T. loss
Andrew David L. loss
Matt L. Matt H. win
David L. Andrew win
Tyler Joey win
Shane Darrin loss
Neil Kevin M. win
Dave T. Lorand win
Kevin M. Neil loss
Matt H. Matt L. loss
Mike Jon win
Joey Tyler loss

The Prizes

Prizes were supplied at a discount by our gracious hosts at Meeplemart. I selected prizes that kept with the ‘skirmish’ theme and ended up with 4 awesome books to give away. As these prizes were not tied to game results (those strategy cards were rewards enough!) all prizes were given away via raffle. These were the winners:

  • Crusade of Fire 40k Campaign Book – Joey
  • Infinity Rule Book – Kevin M.
  • Mercs: Rule Book – Matt L.
  • Freebooter’s Fate Rule Book – Neil

The Gallery

Enjoy this small gallery taken during the day on Sunday.

Thanks to everyone that came down! The day was a great success. I would also like to thank our hosts at Meeplemart for giving us an awesome place to play 40k and run great events like this. We couldn’t do it without you!

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