Battle for Bekrin – Day One

The Battle has started!


This past Sunday had 15 of 18 players down at Meeplemart for the kickoff of our campaign. Each of the 8 teams picked a flag colour and rolled off to determine the order of claiming territories. After a flurry of flags, each team had claimed 6 tiles to start with the middle Hive City unclaimed. With the few remaining PDF forces remaining on planet holding up in the City no team was allowed to claim it to start. But once we have our first Conquest round, players will be able to attempt to take over the Hive City like any other tile.

Once the map was set, round one started! With so many players down to take part in the map setup, there were quite a few games being played. Unfortuantely I had to leave early so I only managed to take a few pictures.

For easier reference you can use this Google Spreadsheet can be used to see team’s tile status.

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