Battle for Bekrin Round 4


Round 4 is a wrap! Action was a little lighter this week with only 8 games played. Even so, the map has changed dramatically. The Imperials of  Team Blue are continuing to lose the ground they have sword to protect. While the feud between the Sisters of Battle/Astral Claws on Team Blue and the Word Bearers/Syphilitic Host on Team Yellow continues, both have now become minor players with very few tiles remaining.

The biggest empire now belongs to the “fancy pants” Eldar of Team Purple who are now holding 10 tiles. In a close second are the Iron Warrior/Death Guard tag team of Team Black and the renegade Imperials of Team Orange both with 9 tiles.

A total of 8 games were played this round. Those 9 games broke down to 7 massacres and 1 close game. We had a high percentage of failed tile conquest rolls this week, with both Team White and Black failing to take over a tile which was not-adjacent to any of their own. In total only 6 tiles were conquered.

It seems that all 6 tiles taken over this round were ‘special’ tiles. Team Yellow lost all their remaining special tiles, losing their only Manufactorum to the Necrons and the Word Bearers Starport once again in the hands of the pesky Imperial Blue. Team Blue lost their own Starport to a demonic invasion from Team Red while Team Purple launched a raid to take over their only remaining Power Station. The newly arrived Imperial Guard forces of Team White continue to consolidate the little territory they have left by capturing Team Orange’s Shield Generator. Team Orange also found themselves under attack from a rampaging World Eaters warband, but the Mechanicus forces managed not only to hold them off but to push them back so far they managed to take a Command Bastion from Team Red.

As usual, here is a link to the game log and here is an updated spreadsheet of all tiles owned by the each team.

Lets finish off once again with some pictures from the end of round 4 this past Sunday: