Battle for Bekrin Round 1


The first round of the Battle for Bekrin campaign has finished! Following up the great turnout we had for the Kickoff Sunday we saw almost as good of a showing counting down to the first conquest round this past Sunday. Word has spread about our little party and has attracted two new players! David Lee with his Chaos Daemons will be joining team Red and Kevin Maloney with his Sister of Battle will be joining team Blue. That brings us to 20 players total!

After this first round had finished control of the map has changed significantly. With the first round covering two Sundays worth of gaming, we had 12 games played total this round. Out of those 12 games we had 7 massacres, 4 close games, and one draw. Those victories lead to 8 tile changing hands, with 2 tiles being taken over twice! For those interested, here is a full log of all games played in round 1. To help with figuring out game bonuses from tiles owned, here is the tile tally spreadsheet. While it’s only round 1 and it’s still very close, it seems Team Orange is in the lead with 9 tiles!

As I was busy playing games myself this Sunday, I didn’t have the time to take many pictures. I’ll remedy this in the future! For now, here’s the few I did manage to take.



2 thoughts on “Battle for Bekrin Round 1”

  1. Team Orange, you are getting too big for yourselves. Same goes for team Purple. I wish the privilege of shattering you myself. I call out out, Xenos Filth! And I shall show you the folly of your blind devotion, Loyalist Dogs! Face me at Meeple Mart this week.

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