Kabal of the Hidden Hand – Forced of the Battle for Bekrin

Player: Dave Tellez
Codex: Dark Eldar
Army: Kabal of the Hidden Hand


Nonaggression pact? I am almost certain the genestealer infestation the Spire endured was your handiwork. The greatest benefit of spire life is the constant stream of information passed on by the Scourge cult. Nothing escapes me in Commoragh. In any case the brood was a was a fantastic training exercise. I am the only Archon who can say his security detail is tempered in the blood of Ygmarl.

The planet you mention must be Berkin. My scouts have intercepted a mass of data from half a dozen races. All are attempting to seize the planet for a variety of reasons. The rock itself means little to me as well as any other assets it contains. As you probably know I have procured exclusive rights to provide gladiators for Commoraghs arenas. Vect was pleased with the stock I provided for his Seizure of Power Jubilee and I managed to gain a temporary non competition contract. However if I cannot boost arena attendance by 20 percent in the next cycle the contract is dissolved…myself included.

I will have the full support of the Arenas during the off season as well as their Humonculi support staff. My slavers have been working in conjunction with the Wych Sisters of Ank’ythnar. Training them to capture rather than kill was a challenge but I am sure they can go back to their old ways when the time calls. I have amassed quite a fleet in the past quarter century, its skill unmatched. In the last 3 raids my slavers boots never touched the ground. I digress…

I will join you brother, provided I get first pick of slaves taken from Berkin, they shall fetch me a great premium. Any artifacts found are yours to keep, as well as techno chattels.

Painfully yours,
Archon Dy’Vix of the Spire of Eternal Anguish
Acting Slave Master General of Commoragh

Supreme Warlord

Archon Dy’Vix Grp WS BS S T Wo I A Ld Save Cost
Archon HQ 7 7 3 3 3 7 4/5 10 4+/2+ 175
Warlord Trait: Immovable Object

Blast Pistol
Haywire Grenades
Plasma Grenades
Ghostplate Armour
Combat Drugs
Shadow Field

Special Rules
Night Vision
Power from Pain