Order of the Blessed Damsel – Forces of the Battle for Bekrin

Player: Kevin Maloney
Codex: Sisters of Battle
Army: Order of the Blessed Damsel


To: Inquisition Task Group Omega, Ordos Jericho
Transmitted From: Bekrin
Thought for the day: Friendship is heresy.

My lords,
As per your request, I have compiled a report of the Adepta Sororitas forces currently deployed in the Bekrin warzone, particularly the Sisters from the Order of the Blessed Damsel (crossref87piSigma).

The Order of the Blessed Damsel is a relatively new Ordo Minoris, having been founded almost a single millennium ago. Originally, they were a contingent of Battle Sisters from the Order of the Argent Shroud, who were assigned as the honour guard of a Missionarius Galaxia expedition into a region of space that had, up until that point, been beset by warp-storms. When the missionaries all died from plague on the feudal world of Nantus, the Sisters continued the priests’ work on their own, and managed to successfully convert the world to the Imperial faith. After gaining additional resources, numbers and aid from their parent Order, the Sisters then launched a crusade which brought the light of the Emperor to every other world in the sector. For this action, the Sororitas not only earned the right to guard this sector independently as an Ordo Minoris, but their first Prioress, Germaine the Deliverer, was also canonized for her miraculous final acts on the battlefields of Rosamunda.

Today, the Order of the Blessed Damsel diligently guards the so-called Nantus Trail with the mandate of protecting and sheltering all pilgrims and faithful who live in or pass through it. This emphasis on protecting the Emperor’s faithful, as well as the backward, feudal nature of most of the Trail worlds, has given the Sisters a reputation for chivalry and boldness akin to crusading knights of antiquity. The Sisters, however, have also clashed repeatedly in the past with members of the Adeptus Astartes, Inquisition, and even Ecclesiarchy whose actions they have seen as callous or dishonourable. It is because of this that, by Inquisitorial mandate, the Order has been kept under constant surveillance for signs of potential apostasy.

At present, a preceptory of the Sisters of the Blessed Damsel is deployed on Bekrin under the command of Canoness-Preceptor Isidora Magdale, a woman renowned for her tenacity, unyielding faith and valor. They have pledged to defend the holy sites of Bekrin against any and all enemies of the Imperium, and have been operating in conjunction with the Astartes of the Crimson Fists, to whom they hold an honour-debt (crossref Abelard Heresy, fileZO3666), and the Astral Claws. In the earliest stages of the war, the Sisters fought valiantly against the forces of the Archenemy, but on several occasions they were aided by a winged, flame-wreathed figure that appeared and disappeared mysteriously. The Sororitas claim that this figure was a blessed manifestation of St. Germaine the Deliverer, but many among the allied Astartes have been more skeptical, and several questions have been raised as to whether or not the Sisters are tainted by some malefic influence.

It is for this reason that I am heading to Bekrin, along with my colleague Inquisitor Jebediah Severn, several omega-clearance agents, and a demi-Brotherhood of the Grey Knights, to monitor the situation more fully. We will ostensibly provide aid to the Sisters and their allies, but if the Sisters are, in fact, tainted in one way or another, then I intend to find out and enact what security measures I deem necessary. I have also contacted the command staff of Warmaster Tetrarchus, and have requisitioned several companies of the 54th Sabaran “Pilgrims” for the Bekrin mission in case specialist operations are required.

I shall forward you continuous updates on the mission’s progress.

Your ob’dt servant,
Ariadna Zao.

Supreme Warlord

Canoness Isidora Magdale Grp WS BS S T Wo I A Ld Save Cost
Canoness HQ 5 5 3/6 3 3 4/1 3 10 3+/4+ 115
Warlord Trait: Tenacity

Bolt Pistol
Power Armour
Frag/Krack Grenades

Special Rules
The Passion
Acts of Faith
Shield of Faith
Independent Character