Meeplemart Mini-con 2012 Tournament Results!

This past Saturday 16 players met at Meeplemart to throw down in an Astronomi-con prep tournament. While I have run a few casual 40k Leagues in the past, this was the first time I had ever run an actual Tournament! I have to say it was a huge success. The tournament was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to run something similar in the future. For those interested, a full gallery of the day’s events can be found here.


For those of you not familiar with Astronomi-con, it’s a more hobby focused tournament. The biggest difference from other tournaments is that each table has it’s own unique terrain and custom mission. You’re not just playing the simple missions out of the 40k rulebook and you have no idea what to expect until you bring your army over to your assigned table! With the full Astro having between 50-60 players/25-30 tables and my own tournament only having 16 people/8 tables, I had a lot of different missions to pick from. Here are the 8 missions I settled on:

Since some of the missions don’t make much sense without seeing the tables, here are photos of each:

Crux of the Matter Table Crux of the Matter Table Linebreaker Table Linebreaker Table

Err Supply Table Err Supply Table Temple Of Doom Table Temple Of Doom Table

Convoy Raid Table Convoy Raid Table Recon Table Recon Table

Grot Mart Table Grot Mart Table Sink the Baneblade Table Sink the Baneblade Table

The Winners

A full spreadsheet breakdown of the Tournament results can be found here.

Best Overall (out of 85pts) – 1 Ticket to Astronomi-con Toronto 2012

  1. Joffrey King – 75pts
  2. Raf Brusilow – 73pts
  3. David Baird – 63pts

Best General (out of 39pts) – 1 Ticket to Astronomi-con Toronto 2012

  1. Michael Findlay – 35pts
  2. Joffrey King – 33pts
  3. Raf Brusilow – 31pts

Best Appearance (out of 30pts) – 1 Ticket to Astronomi-con Toronto 2012

  • Jon Tung – 31pts
  • Joffrey King – 28pts
  • Raf Brusilow – 27pts

Best Sportsman (out of 15pts) – $50 Meeplemart Gift Certificate

  1. Matt Lee – 15pts
  2. Joey Geary – 15pts
  3. Tristan McKerracher – 15pts

Raffle Winners

  1. Claudio Paola – – 1 Ticket to Astronomi-con Toronto 2012
  2. Dave Tellez – $50 Meeplemart Gift Certificate


The Armies

I didn’t get a photo of everyone’s army, but I tried. Tristan’s Space Marines are missing because it was facing the wrong way when I made my rounds. Dave T’s Necrons are missing because it was all grey plastic and black primer!

Lorand's Imperial Fists Lorand's Imperial Fists Jeff's Blood Angels Jeff's Blood Angels

Matt's Space Marines Matt's Space Marines David's Orks David's Orks

Jon's Death Guard Jon's Death Guard Joffrey's Orks Joffrey's Orks

Claudio's Space Wolves Claudio's Space Wolves Neil's Tyranids Neil's Tyranids

Joe's Chaos Marines Joe's Chaos Marines Darrin's Iron Warriors Darrin's Iron Warriors

Raf's Eldar Raf's Eldar Michael's Orks Michael's Orks


That’s all for now! I’ve uploaded a 77 image gallery over in the Events Coverage section for you to view. Go check it out!

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