Meeplemart 1000pt 40k Tournament

This past Sunday my local gaming store Meeplemart held a small 1000pt 40k tournament that was the first local tournament of 6th edition. There was 12 people who came down to try out the new rules in a little more competitive setting and we all had a blast.

The Rules

It was a simple tournament, not many custom rules. We were to bring 1000pt armies, allies allowed. Missions and deployment were chosen from the main rulebook  by the Tournament Organizer. We played:

  • Purge the Alien – Dawn of War
  • Crusade – Vanguard
  • The Relic – Vanguard

The Armies

Lorand's Imperial Fists Lorand's Imperial Fists Steven's Deathwing Steven's Deathwing

Jon's Thousand Sons Jon's Thousand Sons Andrew's Nurgle Chaos army Andrew's Nurgle Chaos army

Mason's Necrons Mason's Necrons Shane's Blood Angels Shane's Blood Angels

Sean's Grey Knights Sean's Grey Knights

* Not pictured: My Salamanders, Joey’s World Eaters, Wayne’s Imperial fists, Kevin’s Sisters of Battle, Wes’ Grey Knights (ringer)

The Tables

The best part about playing games at Meeplemart is the awesome collection of terrain available. Some of the best tables I’ve played on have been at this store and I highly recommend you to come down and check it out if you live in the Toronto area.

Table 1 Table 1 Table 2 Table 2

Table 3 Table 3 Table 4 Table 4

Table 5 Table 5 Table 6 Table 6

The Winners

Best Overall – Mike Fiume (me!)
Best General – Kevin
Best Painted – Jon Tung
Best Sportsman – Wayne


  1. Mike
  2. Andrew
  3. Kevin
  4. Lorand
  5. Jon
  6. Joey
  7. Steve
  8. Shane
  9. Mason
  10. Sean
  11. Wayne
  12. Wes (ringer)

Full results spreadsheet can be found on Google docs here.

3 thoughts on “Meeplemart 1000pt 40k Tournament”

  1. I was 2nd over all?  Talk about a generous scoring system.  Thanks all!  It wasw amazing, and I look forward to the next one,

  2. Man I wish I was able to come, looks like a great tourney was had! Seems like you all needed a good Eldar lashing as well 😉

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