Battle for Bekrin Round 6


It was a quiet round this week. With most generals focused on planning their various Black Ops missions that took place on Sunday, not many regular scale battles were fought on Bekrin so not much land changed hands.

Team Purple was keen to capture a distant spaceport controlled by Team Red. As this attack was to be lead by Archon Dy’Vix personally it has been rumoured the purpose of this long distance raid was to capture a new base to put distance between himself and his older brother Archon Kys’trum. Using the advantages provided by the Hive City, Team Orange determined not only was Archon Dy’Vix leaving his territory but that he was pulling out the majority of his own forces. The spaceport would be lightly defended. The Sons of Cydonia had decided this was the time to launch a strike deep into Team Purple’s territory. They successfully captured the spaceport hopefully blocking the filthy Xenos from any attempts to withdraw from the conflict.

As the Sons of Cydonia moved in and captured the Dark Eldar spaceport, Archon Dy’Vix continued on to capture the Blood Agel control spaceport for himself. The battle between Dark Eldar and Blood Angels was hard fought, if a large part of Team White’s force was not committed in battle with the Word Bearers on the western front they might have been able to fight off the attack. In the end Archon Dy’Vix’s conquest was complete and now he has access to his own territory to raid and control.

With only 3 games played this week the list is short, but here is the game log and here is the updated list of tiles controlled by team.

die-design-2The gallery below has a few pictures of the game between my own Word Bearers and Lorand’s Blood angels. There are also a couple pictures of the custom campaign dice I ordered from Chessex. I had made a custom design based on the Chaos attack on Bekrin (seen on the right) and ordered enough to give each player in the campaign 10 dice, some in their own team colour and some in generic grey. I handed them out to most of the players in the campaign at the Black Ops event this past Sunday and everyone really seemed to like them! If you are playing in the campaign and have not yet received your dice, I will get them to you after the break!