Astronomi-con Toronto 2012 – Results

The results are in from the Astronomi-con Toronto that was held this weekend (June 23rd-24th).

Best Overall: Nate Stevens – Orks

Best Sportsman: C. J. Eldridge – Chaos Space Marines
Best Army: James McBeath – Eldar
Best Appearance: Jon Tung – Chaos Space Marines
Best General: Mike Knudsen – Dark Eldar

Best Terrain: Jason Kebic – Control Tower
Best Single Miniature: Gary Penton – Swarmlord
Best Army List: Andrew Brock – Eldar

Congratulations to all the winners! These awards are well earned!

(I should point out that I played the Best General Mike Knudsen in the first round and he thoroughly beat me)

For those curious, I managed to place 12th overall. Not bad considering there was 60 people there!

I would like to extend a special congratulations to Jon Tung for winning Best Appearance this year. You may have seen his posts about his various work on this very blog. Last year he won the Best Army award with his amazing Pre-heresy Emperor’s Children army and this year he rounds that off with a Best Appearance award for his amazing Death Guard. He’s done an amazing job and everyone really enjoyed seeing his army at the event.

I’ve included a few pictures of his army below but make sure to check out his post for a more complete gallery. I’ll be bugging him to post picutres of the new Lord model he brought to Astro as soon as he can!


marines5_f termin_f

vindi2_b rhino2_b