Pre-Heresy Emperor’s Children

Here are my Pre-heresey Emperor’s Children, which had the honour of winning the best army award at Astronomi-con Toronto 2011.  The army took a little over a year to finish, however that was spread out over a period of 3 years because I took a 2 year break from all things 40k. The majority of the tactical trooper marines were done 3 years ago, while most of the vehicles and specialist marines were done this past year.

Please excuse the fluff inaccuracy that many of my standard troopers are sporting more ‘modern’ marks of armour, as when I first started the army I don’t believe forge world had released models for the pre-heresey marks of power armour yet, and I had received a whole bunch of basic plastic marines for free from a friend, and I was damn well going to use them (free minis are the best minis). I do eventually plan to introduce more of the mark 4 armoured marines into the mix.

The army is made to be a force from 10th company of the Emperor’s Children, under the command of Saul Tarvitz. Originally the plan was to slowly work in models with traitor/noise marine bits, so that I can run the army as either loyalists/pre-heresey with the SM codex, or as post-heresey traitors with the chaos codex using more models with chaos bits, sonic weapons and whatnot. Right now that’s on hold though, mainly because I’ve gotten kind of sick of painting purple and gold in the rush to get the army done for Astro.

My next army project is going to be a Death Guard plague marine army, I’ll see if I can post some pictures when I get some models done up.

5 thoughts on “Pre-Heresy Emperor’s Children”

  1. A beautiful army. One I would certainly be proud to play with and be excited to play against. Well done.
    James Craig

  2. I saw your minis for this army in google images and they stood out- what paints did you use for the purple- looks like a fairly dark on with quite light highlight/line. Thanks

    1. I did these years ago so most of the colours I used were from the old discontinued GW line. The base for the purple is liche purple, I hilighted by blending in tentacle pink with the purple, and shaded by adding in black.

      1. thanks for getting back and answering. Hmm. I think I’ll still try and copy the contrast on my Veterans of the Long War Slaneesh minis

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