Astronomi-con Toronto 2011 Results

The results are in from the Astronomi-con Toronto that was held this weekend (June 11th-12th).

These results are somewhat of an inverse of the Astronomi-con Winnipeg results a few weeks ago which had Chaos take most of the awards, this time around Marines had a very strong showing!

Best Overall – James McBeath – Space Marines
Best Sportsman – Claudio Paola – Space Wolves
Best Army – Jonathan Tung – Space Marines
Best Appearance – John Beck – Eldar
Best General – John Gordon – Chaos Space Marines
Best Terrain – Robert Kelly – Fight Or Flight
Best Single Miniature – C. J.  Eldridge – Nurgle Plague Hulk
Best Army List – George Symon – Sisters of Battle

I want to Congratulate Jon Tung and Claudio Paola, both of which are part of my gaming group and are good buddies of mine. They both more than deserved the awards they received. Claudio is probably one of the most enjoyable people to play against so it’s no surprise he won Best Sportsman. Jon is one of the best painters I know and brought his beautiful Pre-Heresy Emperors Children to the event. We were all a little disappointed when he didn’t get perfect on his painting score (they were a little more strict with the points this year) but I think him winning Best Army instead more than made up for it! Congratulations guys!

As for my personal results, I ended up placing 3rd Overall! That’s my best placing yet! (in fact, the top 3 players overall brought Space Marines)

I took a few pictures of the event and the armies there and they’ll show up in a gallery here sometime this week. I also wrote up some quick battle reports for each of my games that just need a little formatting review before I post them. Check back soon!

4 thoughts on “Astronomi-con Toronto 2011 Results”

  1. Great job buddy.  3rd overall is pretty impressive – I was pretty shocked they didn’t have at least some award for second and third overall.

  2. Yea you guys did amazing, yea they usually do, like tickets to Vegas.. which i think they had for 2nd place last year.

    1. I’m not sure, but I’ve put the word out to the other attendees to find out if anyone knows.

      If someone gets back to me I’ll drop you a line.

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