Astronomi-con Winnipeg 2011 Results

The results are in from the Astronomi-con Winnipeg that was held this weekend (April 30th & May 1st).

It is quite a surprise to see what a showing Chaos had, with Chaos armies taking 4 of the 8 rewards.

Best Overall – Dave Stanciu – Chaos Space Marines
Best Sportsman – J.P. Perrault – Chaos Space Marines
Best Army – Brock Jansen – Chaos Daemons
Best Appearance – Mario Rocha – Space Marines
Best General – Chris Dart – Orks
Best Terrain – Kevin Nelson – Battle At The Farm
Best Single Miniature – Fabio Fiorentino – Chaos Space Marines
Best Army List – Nick Itsou – Space Marines

There is also a great gallery of photos taken by one of the organizers took at the event. Looking though the album makes me excited for Astro Toronto in June!