Dark Eldar Army Update – Wrack Venoms, Haemonculus, Trueborn

Even though I haven’t been posting much these past few months, I’ve been hard at work getting my Dark Eldar army put together. Due to our 40k League starting up back in November I pretty much had to get my 1500pt army built quick. While everything isn’t quite 100% built, the majority of it is.

The core of my army revolves around 2 squads of 5 Wracks in Venoms and a 20-man Warrior squad. Since my Wracks and Warriors are just stock models I didn’t bother taking and picture of them. You’ll just have to make due with the small coversions I made to the Venoms my Wracks ride in. Just a simple gunner swap, cutting one arm off the Wrack was easy and the gunner arms that come with the Venom kit fit on there easily enough.


While I’ve been running two Haemonculi in my list, I’ve only manged to build one so far. A relatively simple conversion here, instead of using the second pair of arms that came with the Finecast Haemonculus I used the arms off a Warrior with the splinter rifle barrel replaced with the barrel of one of the Wrack Hexrifles. Very simple to do and it looks great.


No Dark Eldar army is complete without a small squad of Trueborn with Blasters in a Venom. I made mine using bits from the various plastic kits. Basic Warrior arms and Torsos, Wych running legs and helmets from Warror, Wych and Venom kits. I only had two ‘real’ Blasters so I converted two more by cutting the ammo feeds from a couple Shredders and replacing the barrels with those cut off Blast Pistols. Looks so good I can’t even remember which are which.


I’ve also pretty much finished painting up my resin bases for the entire army. All my models are only very loosely tacked onto their standard GW bases so I can easily move them over to their fancy bases once I prime and paint the models.


That’s it for today’s update. Next on my list is to finish building my pair of Taloses (Taloi?) and to start the final sculpting work on my Grotesques.


Until next time!