Started work on converting my Dark Eldar Grotesques

With our 40k League starting up this weekend, I figured I should start working on my army for it… So I dug out the Dark Eldar models I ordered so long ago and got to work.

My plan is to run two squads of 3 Grotesques in my Dark Eldar army. I thought that with a little converting, the GW Finecast Grotesque could be a decent start. But still, I wouldn’t want 6 of the same model. So with 2 Finecast models for the single Aberration in each squad, I got my hands on some Rat Ogres models from the Fantasy starter set to round it out. I’ve finished building two Finecast models but I still have a little more to do on the 3 Rat Ogre models I have so far.


You can see I only did a little work on the Finecast models to make them look a little less goofy. First thing was to bend that left arm downward so it wasn’t sticking straight in the air like the original model. That was easy enough to do by running the arm under hot tap water for a few seconds and applying pressure. The first one I did cracked at the shoulder a bit, but I wanted to bulk up the shoulder muscle with GS anyway, so it wasn’t a big deal. Then I just did a little weapon swaps and minor detail changes to make them look different.


What’s left for these two models is mostly finishing up the green stuff work like cleaning up the arm joins and working the exposed spines into the backs like all the rest of the Hemonculi themed models. #3 is there in the back but I just started on him. Once I get another Rat Ogre model I can start on #4.

All the parts came from either the plastic Talos box or the Finecast Grotesques. The spines are just cut off tentacles from the Pain Engine kit, some of them needed a little gentle bending to straighten them out a little.

So between this and the 4 Finecast Wracks I’ve put together, I’m off to a good start!