Crimson Fists – Forces of the Battle for Bekrin

Player: Matthew Lee
Codex: Space Marines
Chapter: Crimson Fists


The disaster of Rynn’s World left the Crimson Fists decimated after the loss of their fortress monastery and the majority of the Chapter’s battle brothers. While the Chapter has made great strides towards replacing the losses of materials and manpower the loss of nearly all of the Chapter’s relics, many dating back to the great crusade and the Horus heresy dealt a blow to the Chapter that it may never fully recover from.

The reopening of the Jericho Reach to the Imperium represents a unique opportunity for the Chapter to recover important artifacts lost during the great crusade and by battle brothers who have fallen while serving with the death watch over the long centuries that followed.

Pedro Kantor dispatched a force of battle brothers under the command of codifier Corda to scour the Jericho Reach for artifacts of the Legion and Chapter to replace some of what was lost at Rynn’s World.

When the call for assistance at Bekrin was received Codicier Corda immediately diverted his forces to assist with the defence. The disasterous collapse of the imperial defence that followed resulted in the death of the majority of the battle brothers that made planetfall. Corda was laid low in combat with a Necron destroyer lord, his terminator armor offering little protection from the foul archotech weapons of the insane xenos lord.

However, all is not lost. A scant few survivors were able to carry off the stricken Librarian and have managed to evade capture by heretic and xenos like. These survivors have sent desperate requests for aid and now fight on hoping for salvation.

A significant force of Crimson Fists under the command of Matteo Morellis, captain of the Crimson Fists’ 8th company, makes haste to Bekrin to rescue their stranded battle brothers and recover as much equipment and gene seed from the fallen as possible.

The Crimson Fists do not possess sufficient strength to seize victory in the hellish war zone of Bekrin unaided so Captain Morellis has linked his forces with imperial guard reinforcements of the Vostroyan 2nd which includes the Vostroyan 168th tank company. It is with these forces that captain Morellis plans to recover the list battle brothers in Bekrin and see the forces of chaos driven before him.

Supreme Warlord

Captain Matteo Morrelis Grp WS BS S T Wo I A Ld Save Cost
Space Marine Captain HQ 6 5 4/8 5 3 5/1 3 10 2+/4(i) 180
Warlord Trait: The Dust of a Thousand Worlds

Bolt Pistol
Power Fist
Melta Bombs
Artificer Armour
Assault Grenades
Krak Grenades
Iron Halo

Special Rules
Move Through Cover
Combat Tactics
And They Shall Know No Fear
Independent Character
Bike (Character)