Word Bearers – Forces of the Battle for Bekrin

Player: Mike Fiume
Codex: Chaos Marines
Legion: Word Bearers


The intense hatred that the Word Bearers had for the Imperium of man was as nothing compared to the exquisite hatred that they reserved for the members of the Ecclesiarchy.

Just that a planet such as Bekrin exists is an insult to the Legion. A millennia ago it would have been the Word Bearers themselves who would have dreamed of such a planet, with a surface covered in structures devoted to the worship of the Emperor as a god. But now this planet is nothing more than a shrine to ignorance, countless mortals wasting their lives in the service of a false god.

The coming battle for the planet Bekrin has been foreseen. The First Apostle himself has sent Apostle Kol Belaric and his Host of the Pierced Sky to to show Jericho Reach the true power of chaos as they have done so many times before. First will come the Bloodening, everything on this festering rock of a planet will be killed and it’s blood spilled across the ground as a sacrifice to the dark gods. The forces on this planet bring great power with them, and these gathered bodies will make a strong sacrifice and provide enough life blood to soak the soil and fertilize if for what was to come.

Once the battle is over a glorious palace will be constructed from the ruins of the broken planet. All major temples and habitation centres will be destroyed from orbit. The rubble of these once holy buildings will be gathered by slaves to melt down into blocks that will be bound together with mortar made from the blood of the slain. On top of this Palace will be a tower so high it will pierce through the sky to the realm of gods beyond, impossible for them to ignore. With the planet in complete ruins only one structure will remain, claiming it for Chaos.

Kol Belaric knows that if he succeeds in this blessed mission he will finally have the power to obtain what he has longed for so long, Deamonic Ascension. For centuries he has tasted the power of deamonhood in the heat of battle but it always passed as the battles ended. Being so close to the ultimate reward of the faithful and having it ripped away is the raw emotion that Kol Belaric harnesses to lead his Host. It is that that which makes him fight as a demi-god and push his followers into frenzy. It is that which Kol Belaric will use to destroy this insulting planet and rise above the mortal plane to fight for all eternity.

Supreme Warlord

Apostle Kol Belaric Grp WS BS S T Wo I A Ld Save Cost
Dark Apostle HQ 5 4 4/6 4 2 4 2/3 10 3+/4+ 115
Warlord Trait: Black Crusader

Power Maul
Bolt Pistol
Frag/Krak Grenades
Power Armour
Sigil of Corruption
Gift of Mutation;

Special Rules
Gift of Mutation
Beseech the Dark Gods
Champion of Chaos
Independent Character