Iron Warriors – Forces of the Battle for Bekrin

Player: Darrin Holmes
Codex: Chaos Marines
Legion: Iron Warriors


The Iron Warriors are a pragmatic legion. Their approach to war implements both logic and mathematics. The science of siege craft is their raison d’etre, and they excel at it like no other. The legion is split into over a dozen Grand Companies each led by a mighty Warsmith which are then further broken down into smaller tactical formations. The Iron Warriors do not rely on religious mummery and while they do give some lip service to the Gods of Chaos they know them to be too unreliable to be useful. They put their faith in metal, using Hereteks and members of the Mechanicum instead of chaplains or apostles.

The 2nd Breaching Section of the 8th Grand Company is one of the legions smaller tactical units. Led by Combat Engineer Grulgor and the psyker field medic Hordak, their section is used to destroy the outbuildings (hornworks, redoubts etc.) that surround and protect large fortresses. This is no easy task as the bionics of the veterans of the section testifies. Grulgor himself is more bionic than organic after a mine went off under him and his ‘Forlorn Hope’ during the siege of the Crescent City on Tallarn. The heavy augmentation on these warriors makes them extremely tough however they are sluggish and not as agile as they once were. The other members of the section are split between the old hands and the new bloods. The Iron Warriors being a siege specialist legion can suffer heavy losses in a protracted engagement and thusly recruit many children of worlds they either annex or already command. Only those with initiative and strength make the cut, the rest used as cannon fodder to gauge an enemy’s strength or as servants to clean their master’s armour of the mud of the trenches.

Grulgor has arrived in the Bekrin system at the behest of his Warsmith, Dokken the Chain Breaker. His orders are to assist his old comrades in the Deathguard to take and hold the primary world against the so-called Emperor’s forces and to purge it of xenos. Grulgor and Lord Singh of the Death Guard are sworn battle brothers and served beside each other in the trenches at the very gates of the Imperial Palace on Terra. With this combat experience they know that the forces arrayed against them on Bekrin will be paltry at best easily crushed with steel and fire. They have been made aware that a host of Khorne worshipers are also vying for the world but care not. The mindless assaults of berserkers are anathema to the Iron Warriors way of war and will surely fail. Engineer Grulgor only wishes his wits could be tested by a real foe from the Imperial Fists but sadly the spineless worms are not present, only their thin blooded spawn are on Bekrin and they will be no sport.


Supreme Warlord

Grulgor The Engineer Grp WS BS S T Wo I A Ld Save Cost
Chaos Lord HQ 6 5 4 5 3 5 3 10 3+/5+ 140
Warlord Trait: Hatred Incarnate

Burning Brand
Mark of Nurgle
Lightning Claw
Aura of Dark Glory
Frag/Krak Grenades

Special Rules
Champion of Chaos
Independent Character