Astral Claws – Forces of the Battle for Bekrin

Player: Tyler Kohlmetz
Codex: Space Marines
Chapter: Astral Claws


Astral Claws Second Company
After their near destruction during the Altid Crusade in 288.M38, the Astral Claws assigned themselves a penitent crusade. They travelled the Segmentum Obscuras, battling the foes of the Emperor.

It was upon the world of Chiena IV, the Astral Claws were engaging in total war with a particularly ruthless band of orks. The campaign had taken a turn for the worse, and chapter numbers were dangerously low. Instead of simply withdrawing, and allowing the ork menace to grow, the Astral Claws put out a call for reinforcements. It was the marines of the Crimson Fists 4th company who responded first. Upon their arrival, the might of the two chapters was able to overcome the tenacity of the orks, and eventually, the world was cleansed. It was a mighty victory, with a strong bond of friendship between the two chapters forged. The Astral Claws considered themselves in debt, and would not forget.

When word reached Badab Primus of the disaster at Rynns world, Huron sent an offer of assistance. Pedro outlined his plans to recover relics lost within the Jericho Reach. Huron quickly saw this as a chance to pay back honour the debt founded on Chiena IV, and dispatched the second company of the Astral Claws, under the command of Corin Sumatris, to the assistance of the Jericho Reach.

Together with Matteo Morellis, Captain of the Crimson Fists 8th Company, the Astral Claws have descended to the surface of Berkin, and aid in the search and rescue of the lost battle brothers.

Tensions between the two chapters have risen though, as the rumoured Astral Claws use of the Vostroyan allies as fodder, or cover, has rankled within the command structure of the Crimson Fists.

Supreme Warlord

Captain Corin Sumatris Grp WS BS S T Wo I A Ld Save Cost
Space Marine Captain HQ 6 5 4/6 4 3 5/1 3 10 3+/4(i) 155
Warlord Trait: Tenacity

Storm Shield
Relic Blade
Digital Weapons
Power Armour
Assault Grenades
Krak Grenades
Iron Halo

Special Rules
Combat Tactics
And They Shall Know No Fear
Independent Character