The Grey Snakes – Forces of the Battle for Bekrin

Player: Shane Phillips
Codex: Blood Angels
Classification: Excommunicate Traitoris


The Grey Snakes history is incomplete given the nature of their transgressions and the enemies they have made. What can be pieced together is that they are a Blood Angels successor chapter and that they were proclaimed excommunicatius by Inquisitor Hassur of the Ordo Hereticus.

They have since made a pattern of coming to the aid of the citizens of the Imperium, requesting/raiding the supplies they need for continued operations and leaving before any parties arrive with knowledge of their excommunication.

Upon hearing of the coming tide of Chaos to the world of Bekrin, the Grey Snakes moved with haste to join the defense of the imperial forces, for such a war could prove beneficial in resources and in building their case for removal of their excommunication. However, with the arrival of a detachment of Blood Angels and the hated Grey Knights they were quickly ousted as traitors. On the eve of battle and with enemies on all sides, the Snakes did what they considered unthinkable and joined the attacking forces.

While the Blood Angels proved to be more than a match for their successors in the opening days, the Grey Snakes manage to destroy a detachment of Space Wolves in transit, and in the closing days forced the Grey Knights to withdraw.

Before the dust settled, the Snakes started to scavenged all that they deemed useful, for they would once again be identified as the unknown element among the sea of chaos. However, Grand Reclusiarch Ahriss found documents that suggested the Inquisitor Hassur was present at the Battle of Bekrin. In the forces of chaos or order, it is not clear.

Presented with the opportunity for absolution or revenge, the Grey Snakes are preparing for what may be their salvation or doom.

Supreme Warlord

Reclusiarch Ahriss Grp WS BS S T Wo I A Ld Save Cost
Reclusiarch HQ 5 5 4/6 4 3 5 3/4 10 3+/4(i) 130
Warlord Trait: Immovable Object

Crozius Arcanum
Bolt Pistol
Power Armour
Assault Grenades
Krak Grenades

Special Rules
Liturgies of Blood
Honour of the Chapter
Independent Character