Angels Sanguine (“The Seekers”) – Forces of the Battle for Bekrin

Player: Kevin Stewart
Codex: Blood Angels
Chapter: Angels Sanguine
Status: Unwaveringly Loyal


Strike Force Epsilon, “The Seekers”

The Seekers are a cross company team formed by the Angels Sanguine charged with collecting holy relics believed to have a connection with Sanguinus’ gift of foresight. Though their findings are usually forgeries some tiny progress is being made to understanding the depth of their beloved Primarch’s vision, but the picture is far from clear as to his goals beyond what has been preserved by the Blood Angels and their Successors.

As many of the worlds the Primarch strode have fallen into ruin or worse, the Seekers are outfitted to handle rapid insertion and extraction operations, acting surgically to give them the best chances of securing the objective unharmed and too often before drawing the eyes of overzealous agents of the Inquisition. Their force adheres to the strictures of the Codex Astartes, but like all Blood Angels successors special care must be taken to fortify their wills against the torment of the Red Thirst. Both the Reclusiasm and the Sanguinary Priests have a vested interest in the outcome of the mission and have attached members to maintain both the physical and spiritual wellbeing of their small brotherhood. The mission is ultimately under the jurisdiction of the Epistolary as the relics they are dealing with are of a highly fragile nature and have often come into contact with the Warp in some way. This duty and responsibility falls on Brother Librarian Vittorio, who guides the Seekers towards rumour, myth, and secrets barely whispered in the far corners of the Imperium. Operational jurisdiction remains within the standard scope of the Codex Astartes though and field missions are commanded by Brother Captain Antonio of the 7th company.

Unknown to most outside of the Seekers is their true mission. Deep within their strike cruiser stands a guarded chamber known as the Hall of Redemption. Within this cryo-vault slumbers Angels who have fallen victim to the Black Rage. Often these fallen brothers are crippled and broken, yet due to their will or their superhuman physiques they have survived.

The Seekers are tasked with scouring battlefields for fallen members of the Death Company who still have a spark of life. Some of these brothers can be revived by the Saunguinary Priests, so it is rare that the Seekers enter battle without a small squad of Death Company. Others are interred in Dreadnoughts and deployed to sow havoc amongst the toughest foes. Still others are returned to the fortress monastery to deep vaults shrouded in mysteries known only the highest ranking Angels Sanguine. However, the Angels Sanguine have a glorious history and an unwavering loyalty to the Emperor and even their quest for a cure must take a backseat to the protection of mankind.

Unfortunately for the Imperial Forces at the first battle for Bekrin the call to battle was delayed by warp storms and the Cardinal world had fallen to the hands of Chaos before the Angels made planetfall. As a force primarily focused on small, surgical operations the Seekers provide a strong hammer of infantry and jump troops to the righteous cause of the Emperor’s servants. Empowered by their faith and driven by their devotion to their Primarch the Seekers bring their unmatched fury and skill at arms to bear in hopes their thirst might be quenched and absolution finally granted.

Supreme Warlord

Brother Captain Antonio Grp WS BS S T Wo I A Ld Save Cost
Space Marine Captain HQ 6 5 4 4 3 5 3 10 3+/4+ 155
Warlord Trait: Master of the Vanguard

Lightning Claw X 2
Frag/Krak Grenades
Power Armour
Jump Pack
Iron Halo

Special Rules
And They Shall Know No Fear
Independent Character