Battle for Bekrin Round 2


Turn out was great this Sunday for the end of Round 2! We had so many people down to play that we actually ran out of tables! To make sure everyone gets to play I  just want to remind everyone that Meeplemart is open on Saturdays now from 12-5. Turnout is lower on Saturday afternoons so feel free to fight your challenges if you can make it down!

Now to the results; we had 7 games recorded this round which broke down to 5 massacres and 2 very close games. So far these games have been bloody!

This week saw the first teams (Purple and Blue) attempt to take over a tile that was not adjacent to one of their own. Unfortunately neither team succeed their rolls and both failed to take any tiles. With the other 5 games resulted in Team Black, Green, Orange and Yellow all succeeding at taking over a tile. Most surprising to me is the Hive City still remains unclaimed! I guess that -5 to the conquest roll is scaring people off?

The Word Bearers and Syphilitic Host of Team Yellow each managed to defeat the Sons of Cydonia of Team Orange this round and allowed Yellow to take over two tiles (including a 2nd Manufactorum.) Team Orange minimized the damage with a quick victory over the Order of the Blessed Damsel and won Power Station tile from Team Blue.

While team Green (Orks and Necrons) were the underdog after Round 1, the Necrons earned a much needed win against the Daemons of Chaos (Team Red). They succeed at taking over a Manufactorum and are back up to 4 tiles.  Team White seems to be the new underdog after Round 2 as they have lost their last Starport to a Iron Warrior invasion force launched by Team Black.

To see the records of games played see the google spreadsheet. I also have a spreadsheet of all special tiles owned by each team for easy referece.

I did my best to take a lot more photos today and I hope you enjoy!