Death Guard – Forces of the Battle for Bekrin

Player: Jon Tung
Codex: Chaos Marines
Legion: Death Guard



+++ Receiving encrypted transmission +++
+++ Beginning genomic authentication … … … XX legion gene sequence verified +++
+++ Beginning retinal scan authentication … … … clearance verified +++
+++ Beginning message decryption … … … Completed. +++

Message origination: Jericho Reach – Bekrin – Operatus 54-delta-phi forward force
Message destination: Operatus 54-delta-phi command – Commander-designate Alkiphron

Hydra Dominatus commander. Since beginning operations on Bekrin we have gathered much information about our allies: the Death Guard warband “The Blessed Grandsons” led by Lord Singh. This report summarizes their history, and presents potential strategic options for our operation on Bekrin.

Unlike many legion warbands who are content with following the whims of their patron gods or raiding to merely survive, The Blessed Grandsons are devoted to the “The Long War” and tearing down the corpse emperor’s imperium. This is likely due to the makeup of The Blessed Grandsons, of which the vast majority are legionnaires who fought during the Great Crusade and the Great Heresy. Though his exact origins are unknown even to us, from what has now become apocryphal knowledge Lord Singh was a sergeant in the 4th Grand Company of the XIV Legion Astartes during the Great Crusade. While he surely must have been a competent line officer to survive the Death Guard’s notoriously high attrition rates, it was during the Great Heresy that he truly began to distinguish himself. Loyal towards only Mortarion almost to the point of zealotry, Singh followed his primarch in rising up against the false emperor. Relying on sheer stubborn force of will, he survived the slaughters of the Istvaan system to be elevated as a Prefector of the 4th Grand Company and gifted a manreaper scythe by Mortarion himself. After being delivered into the arms of Grandfather Nurgle along with the rest of his legion, Singh led the Death Guard 4th Grand Company alongside elements from the Iron Warriors 8th Grand Company in the trenches during the Siege of Terra.

After the retreat from Terra, many of Horus’ forces began to fracture from within. The Death Guard’s 4th Grand Company was no exception. Rallying those of his company that shared his desire for revenge, Lord Singh continued to wage campaigns against the Imperium. This is the warband that would become known as The Blessed Grandsons. The number of engagements they have since participated in are too numerous to list in a report of this scope. However, the Despoiler’s 4th Black Crusade in c001.M34 is of note because the Blessed Grandsons fought in the Cypra Mundi theatre alongside our brothers. Having proved to be competent allies that shared our desire to spread strife within the Imperium, the Blessed Grandsons have since been involved in a number of our operations, notably providing excellent diversion with destroyer plague outbreaks during our elimination and pillage of the Imperial Falcons Astartes Chapter.

The Blessed Grandsons were likely impressed with our work, as when the opportunity arose to take the imperial cardinal world of Bekrin, Lord Singh personally invited us along with Iron Warriors 8th Grand Company to take the planet. As you are no doubt aware, Bekrin has been taken by our forces though consolidating control may yet prove to be problematic. We have learned that the imperials, along with a large number of xenos factions, are making speed to retake Bekrin from us. My assessment is that while he is an excellent field commander, Lord Singh lacks the large scale strategic acumen to successfully deal with such diverse foes. As such, it is my recommendation that he be removed so we may assume command. This must be done discreetly so as not to foster unnecessary discord among our remaining Death Guard and Iron Warrior allies. The Blessed Grandsons’ preference to fight through brute force attrition is likely to provide promising opportunities to engineer an unfavourable engagement where Lord Singh is eliminated at our foes’ hand. It is also my recommendation that additional legion forces must be deployed to Bekrin immediately. Forward intel reports that astartes forces compose the majority of the imperial response, and the recent fighting on Bekrin and in the greater Jericho Reach has left little resources with which to recruit human auxiliaries.

+++ Message end +++
+++ This cogitator will self-destruct in 300 seconds +++

Supreme Warlord

Lord Singh Grp WS BS S T Wo I A Ld Save Cost
Chaos Lord HQ 6 5 4 5 3 5 3 10 2+/5+ 175
Warlord Trait: Black Crusader

Terminator Armour
Mark of Nurgle
Black Mace
Power Axe
Blight Grenades

Special Rules
Champion of Chaos
Independent Character
Veteran of the Long War