Eldar – Forces of the Battle of Bekrin

Player: Sean Leonard
Codex: Eldar
Army: Biel-Tan


They have awoken. The sleeping few have risen and been armed, and prepare for battle. I will help lead this cadre of Wraith, but I do so with little knowledge as to why.

The sad, pathetic world of Bekrin has been overrun by the forces of the Warp and all the races our kind have sought to eradicate from the galaxy for so many millennia. We Eldar always know of the movements of the enemy, but why this particular planet has been deemed so vital I cannot say. However the value must be great, for they have awoken The Returned One, and bring him to lead us in magnificent combat. Our Wraiths are so few in number that I have not seen them so much as twitch in a lifetime; yet they all now silently come to life and lurch forward in preparation to follow our last great hope, our Wraithseer, Aun Za.

He is silent, as are his brothers, yet I can feel his directive. I am to lead alongside him where possible, and give the gift of my sight to his Wraithguard. The Imperium crawls across the world, begging to be wiped clean. The dreaded green filth of an Ork Horde, the slobbering mass of barbarism and idiocy and our great enemy, awaits destruction by our hand. And there are even early reports of the metal monstrosities of the Necrons preparing to entry the fray. Why we are sending so small a force, so elite a guard, to do battle with so many I do not know. But with our numbers so few a hard choice had to be made, and an alliance forged. Our vile cousins will aid in this battle and while their perversion of our race sickens me to the core, this planet must be ours.

The movements of The Returned One are private and hidden from even me, and the true purpose of this battle may never be known. But I cannot help that feel that we and our Kabal cousins fight for the same goal, the same final purpose, and this truce may be short lived. No matter what happens with our Dark Kin the enemy will die, this planet will be burned, and our great Seer will show all the true might of The Reborn.

-Farseer Karun El of the Biel-Tan

Supreme Warlord

Aun Za, The Returned Grp WS BS S T Wo I A Ld Save Cost
Wraithseer HQ 5 4 10 8 4 4 3 10 3+/5+ 225
Warlord Trait: Immovable Object


Special Rules
Psyker (1)
Monstrous Creature
Greater Spiritseer
Wraithseer Powers