Battle for Bekrin Round 7

After several weeks off for the holidays, the Battle for Bekrin has picked up again. This round happened to cover 8 days, including two Sundays, so there was plenty of games played.


Highlight of the week is Team Black’s victory over Team Blue. After some sneaky “Black Ops” play (involving a plot involving the Alpha Legion destroying a Crimson Fist controlled Maufactorum only to find it a decoy and the real Maufactorum moved several tiles away) the Crimson Fists did not have long to celebrate success as the Alpha Legion moved in quickly to capture the newly constructed Maufactorum. Have the Crimson Fists been infiltrated? Or maybe in one of their allies forces? The Sisters of Battle or the Astral Claws?

Team White seems to have had a rough round this week. While they did successfully re-capture the Starport previously lost to Dark Eldar pirates, they also lost 3 tiles to the invading forces of Chaos Red, Renegade Orange and Imperial(?) Blue.

It was the Crimson Fists of Team Blue that recently threw the first accusations of Heresy towards the Imperial forces that made up Team White. But with these co-ordinated attacks with the Red Forces of Chaos and Renegades on Team Orange, as well as numerous known conflicts with the Alpha Legion, others are beginning to wonder if maybe the forces of Team Blue have turned from the Emperor’s Light.

Unfortunately I did not have time to take any pictures of games being played this week! But here are links to the Game Log as well as the Map Tile spreadsheet.

I’m working on the final details for our next Campaign Event that will be happening this Sunday. Check back tomorrow for more information!