Battle for Bekrin – Black Ops Fallout

In the final round of the Black Ops event the reward for winning players was a card that let them either blow up a Special Tile belonging to their opponent or build a new Special Tile on one of their own tiles. Which reward the winning players received was based on which table they played on. As I didn’t have the extra buildings with me on the day of the event, these rewards were resolved over the break.

“Special Map Piece” includes the following 4 buildings:

  • Power Station
  • Shield Generator
  • Manufactorum
  • Command Bastion

These are the players that won their game in game 3 of Black Ops and which card they received as a prize:

  1. Tyler – Team Blue – Astral Claws- Destroy
  2. Neil – Team White – Imperial Guard – Destroy
  3. Darrin – Team Black – Iron Warriors – Build
  4. Mike – Team Yellow – Word Bearers – Destroy
  5. David L – Team Red – Chaos Daemons – Destroy
  6. Dave T – Team Purple – Dark Eldar – Build
  7. Matt L – Team Blue – Crimson Fists – Build

In preparation for Round 7 starting tomorrow, here is the new map after resolving the Black Ops action. Explosion icons show were a building was destroyed, new Buildings have a slightly different outline on their icon.


The summary action is as follows:

  • Team Blue blows up Team Red’s Bastion
  • White blows up Team Blue’s Manufactorum
  • Black builds a Manufactorum
  • Yellow blows up Team Black’s Power Station
  • Red blows up Team Purple’s Shield Generator*
  • Purple builds a Manufactorum
  • Blue builds a Manufactorum

* Note that David L played Team Yellow in game 3, but as Team Yellow has no Special Buildings to destroy Team Red was allowed to destroy any other Special Building on the map.

The map tile spreadsheet has been updated with the above changes.

There was some further Fallout of these Black Ops actions, with a schism forming between the Imperial factions of Team Blue and Team White. The following is a report filed by the leader of the Crimson fists forces on Bekrin:

The campaign on Bekrin had been anything but conventional thus far.

The initial landings had been extremely successful and had left a large portion of Bekrin’s surface under the control of the Crimson Fists and Astral Claws. Unfortunately the unexpected arrival of a force of battle sisters heralded the start of a string of reversals against the Imperium’s forces. While the Crimson Fists were occupied with scavenging relics from the battlefield, the battle sisters launched a series of disastrous raids that cost the imperials most of their territory before the space marines were able to contain the enemy.  Complicating matters further, relations between the Astral Claws and battle sisters quickly degenerated and finally degenerated into bloodshed between the two allies.  The sheer speed at which territory was lost and the ease that imperial forces were swept aside pointed to a traitor within the imperial ranks.

The final proof of a traitor had come during a skirmish between a strike force lead by Codifier Corda and the traitor Sons Of Medusa. Examination of the dead traitors after the battle had revealed evidence of the alpha legion’s involvement. A rapid search of all Crimson Fists, Astral Claws and battle sisters lead to the capture of a low level operative who had revealed that other imperial forces on Bekrin were planning to strike against the manufactorum that the Crimson Fists had recently captured.

Though his sergeants strongly urged that the manufactorum be fortified and secured, Captain Morrelis sensed an opportunity to expose a traitor. Under the utmost secrecy, the contents of the manufactorum were dismantled and moved under the supervision of the techmarines of the Crimson Fists and the tech priests attached to the Vostroyan 3rd. When the imperial guard forces allied with the tau struck, they blew up an empty building and revealed themselves as traitors. With proof that all of the imperial forces on Bekrin have been compromised by the Alpha Legion, Captain Morellis has broken all contact with the loyalist Blood Angels ordered full mobilization of the forces at his command to finally secure Belrin for the Imperium.

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  1. Hey if I’m really a traitor now, does that mean I can swap my second ally choice (never-used Space Marines) to Chaos Daemons? 😀

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