Battle for Bekrin Event #2 – Arena of Death

As the campaign rages on the various forces involved in the Battle for Bekrin are struggling to take and hold territory on planet. Over the past few months there have been a few factions that have managed to carve out large empires. One of these factions are the mysterious Dark Eldar.

From the moment they made planetfall the Dark Eldar have made short work of any who stood in their way. Their lightning raids and brutal ambushes have proved too much for the Imperial Defenders to withstand. Even the Chaos invaders were no match for the Xenos pirates, having many of their camps raided and destroyed before major battles.

These Dark Eldar raids have become so successful that the sibling leaders, Archon Kys’trum and Archon Dy’Vix, have grown bored. The relationship between these brothers has always been… tense at best. Now that the excitement of battle has faded these tensions are once again high as Archon Kys’trum refuses to leave Bekrin until his ‘secret plan’ is complete.

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Slave runs have been fruitful so the quotas have already been filled. As acting slave master Archon Dy’Vix is looking for some entertainment. What better way to pass the time than an Arena of Death? Many fine fighters have been captured and a few won’t affect the body quota. Dangle the promise of freedom in front of these Mon’Keigh and they will put on quite a show…

The second Battle for Bekrin event will take place at Meeplemart this Saturday, January 19th at 1pm. Battles will be fought one on one, single elimination, using rules from the Crusade of Fire campaign book. For those of you without a copy of Crusade of Fire, a print out will be provided on the day of the event. Please bring your character model, a print out of your character’s profile/wargear, dice and a measuring tape.

Character restrictions:

  • 150 point limit
  • Must be an HQ choice from your main army codex*
  • Must be a single character
  • Character must be given a name
  • Character cannot just be your Supreme Warlord with a different name
  • There are no special characters allowed in the Campaign

*exceptions can be granted for this restriction if you contact me ahead of time for approval

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