Battle for Bekrin Round 3


Another exciting round of the Battle for Bekrin is complete! This week had a lot of tiles change hands with the Blue team being affected the most and losing 3 tiles. A team finally attempted to seize the Hive City and it is now under the control of  renegade Imperial armies of Team Orange. I hope they are prepared to defend their prize!

A total of 9 games were played this round. Those 9 games broke down to 7 massacres, 1 close game and 1 draw. In total 7 tiles were conquered.

The Imperial Team Blue took the biggest loses this week, losing 4 games and 3 tiles. They lost a Bastion to Team Black (Chaos), a Starport to Team Yellow (Chaos) and a Shield Generator to Team Green (Necrons.) They would have possibly lost a 4th tile, but team Orange tried to take over the Hive City with their victory instead and succeeded. The Dark Eldar of Team Purple also gained some ground this week with Dave achieving two wins against Green and Red. While the Dark Eldar managed to take a Manufactorum from Team Green Dave continued is trend of rolling snake eyes and failed to take a second tile. Team Purple’s 3rd game of the week was against Team Yellow and after a full 7 rounds ended in a draw. The Deamons of Team Red used the chaos of battle to summon an army all the way on the other side of the map and the newly arrived Imperial Guard reinforcements to take a command Bastion tile from Team White. This loss is largely attributed to the Imperial Guard having to split their forces to attack and take over a Team Yellow Manufactorum on the other side of White’s territory.

Here is a link to the game log and here is an updated spreadsheet of all tiles owned by the each team.

Due to recent events, the Astral Claws Chapter on Team Blue has put the call out for more reinforcements;

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TO: Sebiascor Ebongrave
FROM: Corien Sumatris

The surface of Berkin has quickly become divided between The Emperors foes, and our small numbers have lead to an inability to hold the ground we claim, while continuing the advance towards the Hive City. The Adeptus Sororitas of the Order of the Blessed Damsel seem unable to cope with the tasks assigned, and continue to prove detrimental to an otherwise successful campaign.

I’ve ordered reinforcements from the 1st, 9th, and 10th companies of my chapter, and expect them to pass through the Gate in a matter of months.

I have also requisitioned several of the famed Krieg siege regiments from Spite, within the Iron Collar, and expect them to link up with my brothers, and proceed to Berkin. Their siegecraft will help our advance upon the Hive, and their fanaticism will help us hold all ground gained.

The Emperor guides us, and in his light we will emerge victorious.

Corien Sumatris
Captain of the Astral Claws Second Company
Warden of Piraeus, Tyrant’s Champion


To close off this round, enjoy some photos taken yesterday while games were being played.