Battle for Bekrin Round 11 – Exterminatus begins!


As the Battle for Bekrin continues the forces on planet begin to fall apart. With the Imperial Alliance of Team Blue withdrawing from the conflict and declaring Exterminatus those left fighting have been caught unaware and are in great danger.

To represent the opening bombardments of the Crimson Fist’s Exterminatus order, all games played in this round were subject to the following Shockwave special rule.

Shockwave: At the start of each game turn starting on turn 2 make a special 3+ reserve roll for the blast shockwave. When it arrives, randomize to determine the direction that shockwave comes from using a scatter die.  Each unit on the board takes D6 str 6 ap- hits. Vehicles are hit on the armour facing the direction of the shockwave. Flyers are moved 2d6″ and skimmers are moved d6″ in the direction if the shockwave. If a flyer is blown off the board then it will go into ongoing reserves

After the shockwave arrives night fighting comes into effect and any deep strikers must always roll for dangerous terrain

This caused a little havoc in this rounds games and more than one game saw vehicles caught in their vulnerable rear armour and destroyed!

The once mighty Renegade Empire of Team Orange has continued to collapse after the loss of the Hive City. With the Sons of Cydonia left to defend territory while the Grey Snakes went on the attack, Team Orange lost 2 more tiles (one each to Black and Yellow) this week and gained only one (taken from Team Black.) Going into the final round this leaves Black in the lead with 11 tiles and Team Orange knocked down to 2nd place with 10.

Team Green continues their late game surge back into relevance by swooping in to snatch the newly controlled Hive City from Team Red. It seems that the Deamons have trouble holding their ground after such a strong victory to take it over!

Here are links to the Game Log as well as the Map Tile spreadsheet.

As we go into Campaign Round 12, I would like to remind everyone that this Sunday February 16th will be the final day of the campaign. Exterminatus will continue, so expect the effects of special rules to escalate!

I will also raffle off our final batch of prizes. Unlike previous raffles, this final one will include all 20 players in the Campaign, even if you do not show up. So if you can’t make it out and I happen to draw your name, I will hold onto it and contact you to arrange a meeting.

That’s all for now, see you guys this Sunday at Meeplemart!